I've never seen a bulge return. Not to say it can't happen, but if anything the metal in that area has been work hardened, not made more soft. A ring bulge I would tend to agree cannot be removed completely without removing the ribs. However, to my mind the same holds true. It's been brought out to a level which requires even more pressure to take further. Take out what you can see, test your rib, and keep an eye on it for a little while to see if the ribs starts getting loose. While I have not done a ton of them, none got worse or came back. If the gun's not yours, warn the owner of the slight potential that there may be future issues, but I don't believe things are inherently more dangerous. If you repeat the cause of the first bulge, it will bulge again, but so will a new barrel.
Oh, Jon, I would need to look more closely perhaps, but I think I could safely get that barrel back to normal. It would require a re-blue, but would look and work fine as far as I can tell from the pic. Price for the gun is WAY too high, I agree.

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