Interesting Springer #2768 hammer 9mm single shot with "J. SPRINGER IN WIEN STOCK IM EISEN N5" behind the ocular that was up for auction today. What is interesting is the phrase "Stock Im Eisen-Platz N5", which I think to be his address, notes a tree trunk(some Hemlock or Spruce variant) where members of a guild(I'm taking a little liberty here and attach the gunmaker's guild in that on their walkabout) would hammer a nail into the tree for good luck. This was a common practice for journeymen in Hungary, Romania and other locations within the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Remember that Johann Springer was from Upper Hungary while his master(& brother-in-law) Mathias Novonty was from Hradec Kralove, so could you image finding similar tree trunks where the greats passed and adding their good fortune nails?

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