Johann Erhart in 1873 was listed as a k.k. Büchsenmacher Marburg, Steiermark, so I would widen his active range another say 10 years from circa 1860 to say 1900. It would have taken him say 8 years to spool up to get to the point to submit examples to a court that would have allowed him to be dubbed a k.k. Büchsenmacher. Did he pair with Gustav Lechner and have a satellite office in Graz?

Is there info that would ID examples as being the work of büchsenmacher and engraver Johann Templer of Leipa, Böhmen/Ceska Lipa? He was active in the last 1/4 of the 19th century along with the likes of Stanislaus Striberny of Müllergasse 23, Wien.

I too wonder if there are touch marks to identify the effort by tube makers like Ferlach's Johann Schaschl, who offered some 31 different varieties of pattern welded tubes, according to adverts. Then there's Franz Umfahrer of Klagenfurt, Kärnthen, who received honourable mention for his tube wares at exhibits in Paris in 1855 and London in 1862. He hung out his tube making shingle in 1853 and 20 years later his concern was rolling out an average of 7000 tubes per year. He advertises as supplying makers in the whole of Austria(Oesterreich), in Deutschland, Italien Russland, Egypten, in der Türkei, Moldau und Walachei, by employing some 160+ craftsmen. So it is possible that many of the tubes worn by sporting weapon examples for the late 1800s were sourced from him?

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