I have a Richard Marhoff & Sohns drilling and I need the three small leaf springs that operate the internal hammers. One is broken, one cracked and one is good but I figure I'll replace it anyway since the gun is apart. The gun is with the gunsmith now (who, thankfully, is knowledgable about combo guns) and he is trying to find suitable springs through his sources. He has asked me to check with any sources I may have on the internet so I thought I'd check with you fine folks.
Any ideas? I've sent an email to New England Custom Guns and am awaiting a reply. I've posted on the German Gun Collectors site as well. I inherited this gun from my late father and it is very dear to me. Hunting season is around the corner!
Any ideas would be appreciated. Either post here or email me at geobruner@aol.com.
Thanks for listening.

George Bruner