Below is the very courteous reply I received from the Springer Company in regards to my rifle. I sent Margaret pictures by return email and also a link to this thread. I will let you know if I receive any more information.


Dear Sir, thank you so much for your inquiry on a double rifle number 4788 made in our house.
We are very much interested to receive pictures of this gun - please ! Unfortunately what concerns the past, we must confess that the book containing production number, date of production and date of sale, with name of customer containing numbers under 5000 have gut lost during WW2 and the Russian occupation in 1945. All guns bearing numbers above 5000 can be traced.
Upon the pictures however - and in compare to the guns we have in our museum - we would be able to tell the approx.years when your gun was produced. If there are
Initials, monogramm or crowns, there is an additional possibilty to tell for whom the gun was made.
So please let me have pictures and I will do what I can. With my best regards Margaret Weixelbraun, History Department of Joh.Springer's Erben, Wien

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