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Nice bit of info. Yeah, the round could have been developed between 1900 & 1910 and may have paralled the Grndig version?

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yes, amazing paralell to the 10,75x52 R Grndig, in any case a full power nitro cartridge you will find in a strong break action only. Harald wolf had told me that the Springer Double Rifle he had in his hands was made from Francotte. I dont had such a DR in my hands till now but with a little bit more time I can probably find the gentleman the custum ammo was made for.
started a research on nitroexpress once to learn more about this cartridge, someone may know it

"I've just miked the barrels and I'm getting just under 11mm at the bore and just under 12mm at the chamber end."

sounds more like a 11,15x52R LK to me, 11mm barrel diameter is small but we will see what sluging and chamber casting will show