The recent threads on Greener guns has prompted me to post the results of a restoration project that has recently been completed. Being an avid waterfowler all my life and with a weakness for 10 bores, when this gun surfaced locally, I had no choice but to start the process of turning back the clock. A number of things intrigued me about this gun.It is a 10 bore BLNE with 2 7/8" chambers and 30" full & full damascus barrels built in 1878 during the 2-3 year period when Greener was supplying guns built on the Anson & Deeley action, before he switched to his own designs.It is also an early example of the Treble Wedgefast lockup with double under bites and
Greener crossbolt and has an early variation of the later standard Greener side-safety. The high quality of the gun was obvious and it was very good mechanically and had excellent barrels. When it was stripped down the back of the action was stamped by Joseph Brazier. Supplier to the trade of actions??
Built the whole gun?? Who knows... Another feature that I had never seen before was the top of the rib had a fine scroll pattern repeated the length of the rib from breech to muzzle.
Will attach a number of pics I just took earlier today.Hope they do the gun justice. I look forward to putting it back into action during the fast approaching hunting season.

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