I had posted on a italian gun earlier. I've not got a picture of the front of the barrels where they meet the barrel flats. This is Greek to me, but someone here can surely tell me what the bore diameter and chokes are I'm guessing from this information and what they are also proofed at. Want to know if this gun would be ok for normal hunting type loads. Thanks:

Left Barrel KG 1,330 and 18.6 and 17.1

Right barrel Number 70 and then 20,3 and then 18.3 and 17.4

For the left barrel I'm guessing that the KG 1,330 is what it is proofed for. The 18.6 is the bore size left barrel and choke of that left barrel is 17.1.

For the right barrel, I'm guessing 70 is chamber size. No idea what the 20,3 would be. And then 18.3 is bore size and the 17.4 is choke constriction.

PS. If I'm wrong please correct me. This is an education process for me. Thanks

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