Anyone that believes that reserves stimulate bidding needs to go to gunbroker... shotguns.... double barrel... side by side... highest number of bids first, You'll see that the non reserve auctions always have the most bids.

If I list a gun and it doesn't get 1,000 looks in 14 days, I feel like it must be a loser.

It costs .50 to put in the number of looks option on the auction. You guys that list with a reseve put it on your next auction, I'll buy you lunch if you get 1,000 looks. You can't sell a gun to someone who doesn't look at it.

If 1,000 people look at my gun and it brings less than I thought it should, I was wrong about the value. Period.

I hate that Gunsamerica shot their feet off. They were a good site for folks who want a specific price for a gun and are not satisfied with what the market will bear.

I have hardly listed any guns lately because they simply aren't bring what they were a while back. I can sit on them and leave them in the safe. If I start to need money, I'll sell them for what the market will bear.

If I decide to "troll" with a gun, I'll put the starting price on it I want and leave it on till it sells or I get bored.

Personally, I'd like to see gunbroker charge for everytime a gun is listed. That would clear the junk that's been listed 40 times of the site and make it more viable. The reason they don't is that having all the listings makes them the 3rd largest auction site on the internet behind ebay and ebaymotors.


By the way, Ed, thanks for not typing in caps, It makes me think you're shouting.

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