Kansas City, Oct. 23 1897
A remarkable exhibition of live pigeon shooting was given at Exposition Park, this city, yesterday afternoon, when Fred Gilbert, of Spirit Lake, Ia., and J. A. R. Elliott, of this city, met in a match at 100 live birds for $100 a side and the DuPont trophy, which Elliott won from C. W. Budd a few weeks ago with the score of 99 out of 100. J. A. R. Elliott has been practically invincible on Kansas City grounds for years and not until Fred Gilbert came, like a meteor from the sky. has the local man found his equal. When Gilbert won the "Star" cup from Elliott, on Oct. 8, by the score of 95 to 94, he showed such form that there was much speculation as to the result of the race yesterday. "Jim" Elliott is a veteran at the traps while Fred Gilbert was unknown as a live bird shot until in
October 1895, when he won the DuPont trophy in Baltimore against a large field of crack shots. Since that time his rise has been rapid and his work in the last match with Elliott stamps him as one of the best pigeon shots in the country and one capable of holding the title of champion shot.
The match was for the DuPont trophy at 100 live birds each man, 30 yards rise. The birds were the best that could be procured which makes the scores quite remarkable. Gilbert and Elliott tied at 97, then Gilbert won 25 to 24 in the shoot-off.
Gilbert used an L. C. Smith hammerless gun, 3 3/4 drams DuPont smokeless powder, 1 1/4 oz. (!) No. 7 chilled shot in Winchester Leader shells.
J. A. R. Elliott used a Winchester repeating shotgun, 3 1/2 drams, E. C. powder, 1 1/4 No. 7 1/2 and 6 chilled shot; Leader shells, loaded by Winchester Repeating Arms Co.
Cast Iron Medal, emblematic of championship of America, and a purse of $200, was shot on Watson’s Shooting Grounds. R.O. Heikes (using a Winchester 1897 pump) won the match by killing 91 out of 100 birds, taking the Cast Iron Medal and the $200.
Grimm killed 87 out of the 100 birds, using an L. C. Smith gun, 3 1/4 drams Du Pont powder in a 3-inch U. M. C. Smokeless shell, for first barrel, and 3 1/2 drams Du Pont powder in a 3 1/4-inch U. M. C. Trap shell in second barrel, 1 1/4 ounces No. 7 chilled shot in both barrels.

Jan. 2 1897
Charles Grimm defeats Doc Carver in Chicago for the “Cast Iron Metal”
Grimm used a 12-bore L. C. Smith gun, 7 3/4 pounds, 3 3/4 drams Schultze, 1 1/4 ounce No. 7 shot, in U. M. C. Trap shell.
Carver used a 12-bore Cashmore gun, 8 pounds weight, 4 drams of Carver powder, 1 1/4 No. 7 shot, in U. M. C. Trap shell.

Carver was a big guy, 6'4" and over 250# but wow