ben-t is 100% right on! may i add that as ed1 i have been buying and selling guns and related items on gunbroker since 2001.

from a buyers perspective, honest, complete descriptions including the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of an item are essential. many bright pictures are also essential. most important is lots of positive feedback postings for the seller. all of this builds confidence. with these three factors in mind, i bid accordingly. most of the items i buy are for resale, so i am looking to pay a fair retail price, but with enough room to resell the item at a small, reasonable profit. there are few bargains on gunbroker, as most experienced sellers there are very knowledgeable of what they sell and current retail values.

from a sellers perspective, the reserve auction process provides me with the knowledge and time i need to adequately market an item via multiple retail outlets. often, i do not know the current fair market value of an item. the reserve auction process often provides that knowledge. this is very important to my consignment customers, so that they know that i am doing the best job for them that i can. when the item is sold, they know it is for a fair and current retail price... if you are a low life, scum bag bargain hunter, looking for something for nothing, then reserve auctions are not for you. so do not waste your time on gunbroker. your activity, like flies at a picnic only draws more undesirables of your kind. on the the other hand, if you are a knowledgeable firearms collector or shooter who is looking for fine guns at fair retail prices; and you have the courage to take a risk and make a commitment, then the reserve auction process can be a very pleasant shopping experience.

the number and variety of fine guns for sale at fair retail prices on gunbroker is a wonder! there is no other place like it any where else in the world!

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