I have searched the auction sites for quit a while now and have come to be more accepting of reserve auctions. They are still a bit cooling, but if the information about the gun is given and I want it for a price, I just bid the price I am willing to pay and see if I make reserve. Usually I don't, but that's cause I have too many guns now and I'm cheap. I will admit that I regularly pass on reserve auctions if I have to e-mail for info on the gun, its just too much of a hassle and I figure if the guy is not going to go to much effort to describe a gun he has a reserve price on then he and I aren't going to reach a meeting of the minds. It is a bit like the fellow who starts his guns description with: "excellant condition" then throws in "I am not really a gun guy". I want to know upfront about function,dents, cracks, barrel length, chokes, lop, dac, dah, bore condition and weight. Then I want pictures that comfirm condition. I really dislike when the pics are poor or nonexistant! That is dumb. I really enjoy searching through the auctions, but wish those over priced poorly photograghed offerings could be weeded out somehow. Occasionally something entertaining comes along like a Prussian Daly with no reserve and a starting bid of $100 and good pictures of a great gun.!