I understand your desire to not sell the gun for drasticly less than it's worth but the reserve does not stimulate bidding. Go on gunbroker and choose the "highest number of bids" option, almost all are auctions starting at 0.

I put a starting price on the first guns I put on gunbroker and they drew no bids, I later started the same guns as 0 starting bids and they brought several hundred dollars more than the original starting price.

The reason is that many buyers, me included, don't even look at the pages and pages of guns with starting bids and reserves that are way past the value of the gun.

It's true that sometimes a gun has a set bid or reserve that is reasonable but there are 20 guns that are drasticly over priced for every one that is reasonable.

When I sell a shotgun, I always get at least 1,000 looks, how many do you get with a hidden reserve?

I want the maximum number of people to look at my gun. That's how it will bring the best price.

Respectfully, Dick

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