Will- I couldn't agree with you more about the murder of Vicky Weaver. My point was that H-S was trying to insure good will among the customer base. That this man was not proscuted on state charges was a decision made by the Attorney General over the Prosecuter's objections. If you remember, when his motel room was searched, on his night stand was a drawing on a napkin of exactly where his cross hairs were when he fired. Vicky Weaver was his target. It was no mistake.

That he is held in such high reguard by the FBI and other police organizations shows the rift between law enforcement and the people. The entire Randy Weaver incident illustrates what is meant when the term "jack booted thugs" is used to describe Federal law enforcement. From start to finish no clean hands are to be found.

Incidently, on another board, a representitive of H-S describes him as a personal friend of the owner. Other than posting outrage on the internet there's not much we can do.