To post an image the image must be saved in a website for that purpose and any security features must be turned off to allow access. No, you can't post an image from your computer hard drive. There are a number of such image storage websites eg: Picasa, Cartogra, O-foto...etc... Have the image you want to post in the storage site open in a window. Don't try to post it from the thumbnails showing images in your albums. Have the Double Gun BBS message posting screen open in another window. Right click your mouse on the stored image, then left click PROPERTIES in the box that opens, then highlight the address that appears,starting at www, then right click on the highlighted address, L click Copy. Switch to the window with Double Gun BBS. In the Double Gun BBS click on the IMAGE button at bottom of POST MESSAGE screen. A dialogue box will open with http:// already in it(which is why to start highlighting the image address with wwww). With the cursor in the dialogue box, right click and the PASTE command is available in dark text. Click Paste, and the web address will appear. Click OK and you should have successfully posted an image. PLEASE BE ADVISED that these instructions are for Microsoft Internet Explorer, and if you are using another web program it will be slightly different.

**Please try to keep images reasonable size! Use jpg format for photographs. 96 dpi with a maximum width 800 pixels. This size downloads quickand is sufficient for web viewing on monitors. In addition do not use busy backgrounds...rugs, wallpaper...etc.(DCW)

Submitted by Bushwacker
Dave Weber
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