I'd like to comply with your request, Bill-but I only saw and handled the 2 1917's the post had. I only heard about the Springfields, they were stored in a separate locker, so I was just basically informed of their existence by the Post Commander. I may go back to Remus, MI again this Fall- no gun shows at the VFW post until Feb 2023, but I may take another run at that pre war M70 in .375H&H, and the dealer who has it for sale on consignment is in downtown Remus- good guy to deal with, I have found. I like both the M-1 Garand, and the M-14, but I still prefer a 1903-A3-- but then, I also like the Mauser K98-- simple, solid, reliable under all conditions-- RWTF

"The field is the touchstone of the man"..