2021 - Friends of The Double Gun BBS @ doublegunshop.com...Thank you for helping to support the worldwide exchange of information on Double Guns, Double rifles, Combination Guns, Drillings, Paradox Guns, Gauge Bore Rifles and other Fine Firearms. The individuals listed below are members who have donated funds to the Double Gun BBS @ doublegunshop.com. As Always I thank you for your participation on the board.

Contributors are listed in order of donation receipt.

Multiple donation donors will be highlighted as follows:
#1 = Black Standard Text
#2 = Black Bold Text
#3 = Black Bold underlined Text
#4+ = Red Bold underlined Text

Note: I will feature "In Honor of" donations in bold text on the top of the forum. The sponsor will be immediately to the left of the honorarium appearing in the right column....Lets not forget our double gun friends who have passed on.

Ed Good
Stan Hillis

Phil Carr
Mills Morrison
Tim Carney
Ed Good
C George Newbern
Stan Hillis
Bill Jolliff
Milton Fitterman

In Memory of Bill Wise
In memory of Tony Treadwell, God Rest His Soul
In memory of PA24 (Doug Woodin)

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