Hello All,

I doubt this will come as a big surprise, and some of you may have heard already, but we have made the decision to cancel this year's Vintage Gunners Cup at Hausmann's Hidden Hollow in September.

We have determined that there is simply too much uncertainty (uncertainty about the status of the COVID-19 virus, about regulations in PA and NY that would impact how we conduct the event and the availability of hotels and restaurants, about our ability to have enough volunteers and staff to make it work) to move forward this year. And then there are the safety concerns for our guests and vendors, many of whom would be in at-risk categories.

This is particularly frustrating given the fun we had last year, and all the positive feedback we got. And also knowing that this is yet another missed opportunity in 2020 to connect with friends. I know there is pent-up demand for events like the VGC, so if you can get out and safely support other events this year, please do so.

That said, our goal for next year’s event is to provide an event truly worthy of being called The Vintage Gunners Annual World Side X Side and Rifle Championship. We are fully intent on providing an event that all our members can be proud of and a celebration of our shooting heritage. The 2021 Vintage Gunners Cup will be September 15-18, 2021, again at Hausmann's Hidden Hollow.

If you want to read more about our decision, you can visit the Vintage Gunners website here: https://vintagers.org/vintage-gunners-cup. Do have a look around the website, we have past newsletters and lots of photos posted there.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing many of you at the VGC in 2021. ----Matt
President, Ga. Vintagers