New Registrations:

I have several free email services banned from new, hotmail, yahoo...etc.

This just prevents NEW registrations from those services...If you were signed up prior to my ban you are cool.

This is a result of our bored third world friends who seem to think forum SPAM will get us all to buy counterfeit sneakers, knock off sunglasses and look-a-like purses.

If you are a real human and wish to participate on the forum but use a free email service email me and I'll tell you how to register for an account.

PS - Patience Grasshopper...I approve all new registrations manually...So based on my real life being fairly time may take up to a day to get your account fired up.


I have elected to hide the mis-fires forum for a few weeks as I decide about its' continued existence. It's hunting season now and frankly I am tired of the ridiculous banter that is occurring between the same individuals. I do not wish to waste any more of my time reading complaints from the perps or the normal people they are pissing off.
Dave Weber
DoubleGun Evangelist
In Charge But Not Responsible