Texas Side By Side Club. If you like shooting a side by side shotgun, we have a great club for you. The Texas side by side club was formed in 2003 for folks we like to get together for fun and enjoy clay shooting. We have various shoots throughout the year. For example, we do a shoot at Joshua Creek, Dallas gun club, Greater Houston Gun Club, Texas Premier and a couple of others. It all just for fun. We have a championship shoot at the end of the year with prizes and its a catered affair. That's the only time we really keep score. Due are only $75/year. If you enjoy shooting the proper gun, a side by side,and like having fun, then you should considered the club.. Feel free to reach out to me for more details or info. Thanks. John Boyd, Houston, TX. arrieta2@sbcglobal.net

John Boyd
Quality Arms Inc
Houston, TX