Good news: Some shells are finally coming through at my local Wally.

Bad news: They are all 3 Deq. 1 1/8oz loads so the long chamber inertia automatics work.

A few 100 packs of 20 gauge showed up, but the 7 1/2 shot size is far from ideal for skeet.

Guess I'm happy to see ANYTHING, and Federal has cleaned up their shells in recent years. Gone are the semi-smokeless and the paper base wads. I used to think that smelled good, but I'm happy now to be rid of the stink and the mess. These shells for all their excessive recoil are about as clean burning as shotshells get.

I swear, if this keeps up I'm going to start cutting these shells up for the components and reuse the primers, powder, and shot with AA hulls and CB-1100 wads.... and use a tablespoon less powder in each.

"The price of good shotgunnery is constant practice" - Fred Kimble