I recently picked up a Coggie, built in 1887. BLNE, damascus tubes, intercepting sears, and something I've not seen before. It has two little buttons,[I guess you'd say], coming up out of the action flats that influence operation of the cocking levers.
One question is has anyone seen these before and what purpose they serve.
The other is that someone has rather poorly installed a Red Head recoil pad. The end of the stock wood has a slight bevel to it in a couple of spots, so installing a new 1" pad won't work well. I'll need to shorten the stock a bit further to get rid of the bevel, which would bring overall length of pull well below 14". I don't care for the looks of a 1 1/2" pad on such a light gun, but I also am not keen on the looks of a typical butt extension. To my mind they tend to look like one tried to match the existing wood, but failed. This said, I'm thinking of going with a higher grade wood for the extension. Possibly with a small line of ebony between the existing and the extension. My question is where would I go to get a nice piece for the extension? All I will need will be something 2" x 6" x 2" deep. Could anyone recommend a stock maker that may have something like this lying around as a cut-off they might sell?