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Posted By: MikeV German gun collectors assoc. forum problems?? - 12/30/20 02:06 AM
Anybody else having problems accessing the GGCA forum?
I have heard of other members with access issues but they were in other countries?


Thanks for the reply. As far as I know we are still part of the Union in Ohio ;-).
I am not able bring up a usable web page on our site. Worked fine the other day. Oh well, I will hope it gets fixed or returns back to normal soon.
My best wishes for a Happy 2021!
I am not having any problems now. Try
If that doesn't work, try going through the GGCA website, then mark the forum as a "favorite". I got the impression that the forum and the main website are in different programs, but I don't know.
Thanks Mike and Raimey.
The problem seems to be with my Mozilla Firefox browser. I was able to get in with the MS edge browser.
Thanks again.
Best wishes for a hHappy and healthy 2021.
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