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Posted By: Marks_21 Thoughts on this Mauser? - 08/23/21 12:37 PM
I don’t think it was a steal, but I think it was well worth the price of admission.
Posted By: eightbore Re: Thoughts on this Mauser? - 08/23/21 01:35 PM
Hopefully, the buyer will install Winchester Super Grade swivels rather than modifying the swivel bases for modern swivels. Nice gun, well worth the price.
Posted By: craigd Re: Thoughts on this Mauser? - 08/23/21 03:31 PM
I think that torx mounted scope base is truly cringe worthy, particularly the back screw. I don't know if somewhere under it is authentic, but I think the buffer ruined it, and whoever did it, did so on purpose, hoping to turn a quick profit on the name? It might have had twoish phases, first to remove a peep sight and scope it, and second to spruce it up on the cheap. I wonder if it was just left alone, if it would have brought more. Just guessing.
Posted By: PhysDoc Re: Thoughts on this Mauser? - 08/23/21 11:09 PM
I only have one Niedner and it is a target rifle, the markings on it's barrel are a lot smaller than on this 7x57

My Niedner

Does anyone else have a Niedner with barrel markings like on this 7x57?
Posted By: bsteele Re: Thoughts on this Mauser? - 08/24/21 08:32 PM
It’s a correct font. I think this was the first version after the 2 line address for Dowagiac.

Too bad they didn’t take it out of the stock to show the barrel number.
Posted By: Marks_21 Re: Thoughts on this Mauser? - 09/11/21 08:04 PM
NOW I think it was a steal!
Well, in the end what matters is that I think highly of the rifle! It arrived and is incredible. The photos do not do the rifle justice. They cannot convey the feel of this piece. It is slim and almost “dainty.” The photos don’t do not accurately illustrate the slender wrist and narrow forend. They do not truly show the expert stock work, seamless horn grip cap, fine checkering and overall spectacular custom feel of the rifle. It is as good as any Griffin and Howe piece that I have handled and is, as desired, a gorgeous and subtle example of custom gunsmithing and a premium deer rifle from the days of yore.
I have not one complaint or regret, I see the buggered screws and the mismatched scope mount. There is a small piece of wood well fit to the slot for the original peep sight. The recoil pad could be improved upon, but this rifle will proudly see some miles of Virginia Hardwoods this fall. --aesthetics aside, OH BOY DOES SHE SHOOT!
Posted By: Carl46 Re: Thoughts on this Mauser? - 09/12/21 12:00 AM
I like it, a lot. Good catch.
Posted By: prairie ghost Re: Thoughts on this Mauser? - 09/12/21 12:39 AM
I would repair that bolt handle to match the quality of the rifle.
Posted By: Greg G Re: Thoughts on this Mauser? - 09/14/21 05:22 PM
The rifle shows some very nice work and slim lines, hope you put it to use and kill some deer with it.
Something that don't understand is why would the maker, (or for that matter any maker, I've seen others done the same way) take the time to rebarrel, make a nice stock, contour the trigger guard, blue everything, but leave the lock screws and sling hole in place? It's like seeing a dead fly in the mashed potato bowl. It would take little more effort to weld them up, recut the action screw holes and replace the original action screws. Another option would be to just replace the Mauser bottom metal with Springfield bottom metal. Not much more work to do that, either. Doing one or the other, in my opinion, would have made a much better looking finished product and only add a small percentage to the overall cost of the gun. I don't know, maybe it's just me.
Posted By: sewmacoil Re: Thoughts on this Mauser? - 09/14/21 09:01 PM
A very nice rifle. I owned it for a while and enjoyed owning it but didn't shoot it. The bolt handle and removed sights detract very little from the great stock and overall balance of the rifle. It had a Leupold 3x9 on that mount when I got it and when I sold it. Considered restoring sights to it but there to many projects and little time left. Enjoy your great rifle.
Posted By: HomelessjOe Re: Thoughts on this Mauser? - 09/15/21 11:43 AM
That cheek piece sucked.
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