58 cal field test (a bit OT)

Posted by: Tom Hall

58 cal field test (a bit OT) - 12/20/04 10:51 PM

After doing a lot of thinking about this 12 bore stuff, I put some time in hunting with my .58 flint for the past few days.
Luck payed off, and I managed to take a good sized doe this afternoon(about 115') at 130+ yds. The ball cleared the deer (2x lung) and as far as I know is still going. The gun had an extra leaf, so the shot wasn't that tough.
After seeing the terminal end of this (albeit not in a tough area) I can only imagine that with those larger size round balls, one could cover most game while giving a flatter trajectory than a conical.
This sounds like a silly question, but what exactly does a conical do in the bigger bores that a round ball doesn't? (I'm talking .60 +)
Not rifles like a 600nitro that can actually build up some serious velocity, but the 4,8,12, and 20's. I know there are other things like the Fauneta(sp), but I mean with the Forsbury(sp again) type projectile.


Posted by: Jack Ward

Re: 58 cal field test (a bit OT) - 12/27/04 10:33 PM

I'm with you, Tom. If you're not going after elephant like Selous, what's the purpose of shooting 1,000 grains of lead, other than to pay a bunch of money to see what it feels like to get kicked to death. :rolleyes: Anyhow, if memory serves, Selous used hardened round balls in his early elephant hunting days with 8 and 10 gauge rifles.