Right spot for this?

Posted by: 775

Right spot for this? - 12/21/04 01:19 PM

Am looking at doing a reblue on family "heirloom" Savage m24...was mom's.
Barrels brazed or soldered?
Might just go the do-it-at-home rust blue in which case it should not matter but am curious.

Posted by: Ron Vella

Re: Right spot for this? - 12/21/04 09:43 PM

I'm not 100 % certain but would bet long green that the 24's were all furnace brazed.It's relatively easy to tell. Take a sharp scribe and scrape the alloy in an inconspicuous place like the side rib under the forearm. Study the exposed alloy under magnification, if your eyes are as old as mine. If the ribs are soft soldered, the alloy is silver. If the alloy is bronze it will be bronze coloured.
Posted by: 775

Re: Right spot for this? - 12/22/04 11:29 AM

Great idea, thanks Ron.