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Posted By: montenegrin 'Cape gun' 16g & 15mm (24 bore?) - 06/25/21 01:12 PM
I've just bought this unmarked combo hammer double in Germany and while waiting for it to be delivered in a couple of months, I would like to get some components for shooting the rifled barrel. I presume this is 24 bore rifle and I plan to experiment with shortened 24g shells (brass or plastic). As for the bullet, I would start with .58 cal. ball which is 14.75mm. Would much appreciate any suggestions, especially by those experienced in shooting 24 bore rifles.

With kind regards,
Posted By: WBLDon Re: 'Cape gun' 16g & 15mm (24 bore?) - 06/25/21 02:06 PM

Don't have a 24 bore but do have a 20 bore (ga.) rifled SXS I load for. I have used round balls with moderage success but you might want to try either Mini or Maxi balls in 58 caliber, I would suggest the Mini Ball first since the skirt will expand to help grab the rifling and impart spin to the bullet. I used a thin over shot wad and roll crimped, using fiber wad(s) under the round ball to get the height needed with one over powder wad.

My gun is a bit newer than yours so I am able to shoot Sabots in it and found one that shot very well which I use but I would not suggest using these in yours as they are higher pressure.

Enjoy your combo gunwhen it arrives....

Posted By: Der Ami Re: 'Cape gun' 16g & 15mm (24 bore?) - 06/25/21 04:07 PM
You didn't say whether you would use black powder or "nitro for black". I don't have experience with 24 bore rifle, but do with 577 Snider. Since I don't like to use black powder, my limited experience is with smokeless powder. Smokeless powder in charges that I was comfortable with would not expand the skirts of Mini balls. This was an out and out failure. To get the rifle to shoot, I had to expand the skirts before hand so they would engage the rifling and create enough resistance for the powder to burn. To do this I made a simple ring with the inside diameter I needed( groove diameter) and with a tapered plug, expanded the skirt inside the ring, until it fit the inside diameter. This was successful , but I kept the velocity pretty low. Good luck, it looks like a fun project.
Posted By: montenegrin Re: 'Cape gun' 16g & 15mm (24 bore?) - 06/27/21 08:50 AM
Thanks, Don and Mike. I was thinking of using Minie projectiles, too. At this stage I'm leaning towards black powder.

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