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Posted By: gimpyinlincoln BP Loads for .500 BPE - 03/30/20 05:42 PM
I'm searching for information on black powder loads for the .500 BPE. I have the load data in Graeme Wright's book and would to like supplement it. I'm interested in the experience of others regulating rifles with black powder especially with paper patched bullets. Thanks.
Posted By: bushveld Re: BP Loads for .500 BPE - 03/30/20 06:31 PM
You will get better results to ask your question on the following site, if you have not done so already:
Posted By: gimpyinlincoln Re: BP Loads for .500 BPE - 03/30/20 11:22 PM
Thanks. I'll take a look.
Posted By: Steve Helsley Re: BP Loads for .500 BPE - 03/31/20 12:12 PM
3" or 3 1/4" and bullet weight?
Posted By: gimpyinlincoln Re: BP Loads for .500 BPE - 03/31/20 08:33 PM
Hi Steve,

Remember me --- Herman Karl? You took Alexander, my Ukranian colleague, and I shooting. I wish I had gone on the buffalo hunt with you.

Last week I bought an Alexander Henry 3" .500 BPE made in 1876. Another gun I have not use for, but have always wanted. 350 grain grooved and 400 grain paper patched.

Hope all is well?

Posted By: BrentD Re: BP Loads for .500 BPE - 04/01/20 12:23 AM
I have no experience with that caliber and only limited experience with regulating a double rifle (percussion), but I am willing to help with paper patched bullets, with which I have a passing experience.
Posted By: gimpyinlincoln Re: BP Loads for .500 BPE - 04/01/20 04:16 PM
Thanks. I have quite a bit of experience with paper patched bullets developing loads for an original .40-70 Sharps BN 1874.
Posted By: Steve Helsley Re: BP Loads for .500 BPE - 04/01/20 05:36 PM
Great to hear from you.

I have two Powell .500 3" BPE rifles and an H&H .500 3 1/4" BPE rifle.

I use 450 grain Barnes Originals with Pyrodex in all three. The bullets can
be purchased directly from Barnes. As I'm sure you know, original loads used
a 380 grain paper patched bullet with a copper tube. Later nitro-for-black
used a 440 grain bullet.

My load for the Powell's is 85-90 grains of Pyrodex with the 450 Barnes. Can't
recall if you know Mal Weaver but the same load regulated in his Dougall and he
nailed an elk with it.

If you need more details use
Posted By: Steve Helsley Re: BP Loads for .500 BPE - 04/01/20 08:23 PM
Correction. I was operating from memory. I went and checked my records.
It's 90-95 grains of Pyrodex.

As to your Ukranian friend - yes, I remember him. As I recall he was terrified
that we might encounter a rattlesnake.
Posted By: gimpyinlincoln Re: BP Loads for .500 BPE - 04/02/20 12:55 PM
Hi Steve,

Thanks! I bought the Alexander Henry simply to fulfill a yearning to have a double rifle. My collection is eclectic.

I have 400 grain paper patched bullets and 350 grain grooved bullets. I'm going to try 122 Swiss 1 1/2 Fg with the 400 grain bullet and 122 Swiss 2 Fg with the 350; those charges fill the case.

Good to reconnect.

Yes, I warned Alexander about rattle snakes and poison oak. He emigrated to the US; last I heard he was in Utah.

I'll send you an email to exchange email.

Posted By: Huvius Re: BP Loads for .500 BPE - 04/12/20 09:54 PM
I've used 440gr grease groove bullets and 110grs of 2F Old Eynesford in my Alex Henry and that seems to be about right.
I put a card over the powder, then a lube cookie and another card under the bullet.
Posted By: pamtnman Re: BP Loads for .500 BPE - 10/21/20 07:03 AM
An 1884 Alex Henry double rifle in my care does fantastic with paper patched soft lead bullets cast from its original mould and also a similar one made by Accurate Molds in Utah. In 75:1 alloy, the bullets weigh 405 grains; in 16:1 alloy they weigh about 395 grains. The gunís original powder measure throws 130 grains, and after that is in and a milk carton wad is on top, not a lot of room remains in the case. Like many other BPE shooters, I load this gun with Olde Eynsford 1.5FG. It is my morning stand gun during bear season in Pennsylvania
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