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Posted By: Krakow Kid 9.3x74R - 04/10/11 04:27 AM
I've never before paid attention to this calibre, only in passing with its comparisons to the .375 H&H, etc.

I might have to look around soon, though;depends on a couple things (and yes, money is one of them!)

I know I'll have to reload for this eventually, but is it a readily available cartridge here in the USA? Do any manufacturers sell loaded cartridges, and if so, what brands?

Seems I read awhile back that Ruger was ging to add it to the No.1 offerings. If true, I imagine that would be incentive for domestic cartridges offered for sale.

Any help is most appreciated.
Posted By: Bob Jurewicz Re: 9.3x74R - 04/10/11 02:09 PM
This round is readily available by Norma, S&B & others. So if you want factory and don't mind paying factory prices you will have no problem getting the fodder.
This round is also easily reloaded with components available from places like Buffalo Arms at resonable prices.
It also can be loaded down for practice,easy recoil and small to mediam size N American game.
I had a Merkel 140 in this calaber and liked it a lot.
Bob Jurewicz
Posted By: PeteM Re: 9.3x74R - 04/10/11 03:26 PM
Hornady produces it:

Joe at the drilling hotline has some S&B, also some Hornady dangerous game.

The 9.3x74R is capable of taking elephant. However, in many African countries it is not legal to do so. The 375 H&H is the legal minimum for dangerous game.

I have a 357 H&H Ackley Improved in a custom Mauser. It was intended for Brown Bear, but that is not going to happen any time soon, if ever.

For many the double rifles the 9.3 is the best choice.

The Ruger is around

Posted By: Krakow Kid Re: 9.3x74R - 04/10/11 05:19 PM
Many Thanks, gentlemen. To add to my query, what's the word on Chapuis DRs? I have an opportunity to get one at a reasonable cost.

The only double rifles I own are an Alex Henry BPE .450 3 1/4 and an ancient Lang 18 bore muzzleloader.

Both are great rifles and well over 100 years old. I just don't know much about modern arms.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Again, thanks for the cartridge help and leads. - Marc
Posted By: Bob Jurewicz Re: 9.3x74R - 04/10/11 05:32 PM
I have only heard good things about the Chapuis! Base rifles start at about $4600. One with extras has been for sale on either Nitro Express or Accurate Reloadings for months at $4000. New rifles are available from Kebco.
I too have a 450 BPE-Great calaber.
Bob Jurewicz
Posted By: AkMike1 Re: 9.3x74R - 04/10/11 06:31 PM
The Chapuis is a fine but somewhat light weight rifle. A very good value for the money. I have one (9.3X74)that was built to my specs. Dale Nygard of

did a couple of group buys for the AR forum gang and they were great. Make sure that you order QD at the same time, if you get new. That one advertized at NE and AR if a great shooting rifle from targets he's shown. It has been used and has wood scratches but still has a lot of life left in it..
Posted By: Krakow Kid Re: 9.3x74R - 04/10/11 10:04 PM
Thanks again, guys - What do you think of the one hoser is selling (page 1 of the sale forum)?

He's offered a "deal" but it still seems high. Don't know for sure.
Posted By: montenegrin Re: 9.3x74R - 04/10/11 10:59 PM
A nice one, looks upgraded. The seller is open to offers so...
I have a few doubles in this great caliber and enjoy shooting them.

With kind regards,
Posted By: AkMike1 Re: 9.3x74R - 04/10/11 11:50 PM
His wood is an upgrade for sure. That's going to make it worth more. Since he lives in Calif and they have a lead bullet ban in effect and since he doesn't reload... He hasn't been able to find someone to build rounds for him. I think that it's still unfired by him as he states.
It's a fine rifle if it's as good as mine.

Check some of the online sources already named and look at the prices at some of the auction sites for a more informed decision.
Posted By: PeteM Re: 9.3x74R - 04/11/11 01:29 AM
This is a Chapuis from Ken's site:

I have done business with Ken. He is as honest as they come.

Here is a Sabatti from Cabelas. Take a good look at the target in the background.

Posted By: Krakow Kid Re: 9.3x74R - 04/11/11 01:50 AM
Pete - The Sabatti's target sure looked fine, and the gun itself seemed ok as well. I'll have to research the name, I've no idea about them or where they're even made. Name sounds Italian, but who knows?

Tell you the truth I've been thinking about that Ruger. I've had a #1 in 45.70 for a long while and I love it.

An itch for another double came on, but that doesn't mean I have to scratch it. Hell, I've already got two doubles, old and beautiful. Scratching would take some stretching, and I don't really know as it's worth it right now.

HA! The eternal quest and question of the gun nut!
Posted By: AkMike1 Re: 9.3x74R - 04/11/11 02:07 AM
Before you proceed with the Sabatii I strongly suggest that you get 'up to speed' on them. Go to AR and read all threads in the search using Sabatti.
It's not all good news.

The Chapuis is more bang for the buck.

But I suppose you could get a pair of Ruger #1's and a roll of duct tape to make a DR.
Posted By: Krakow Kid Re: 9.3x74R - 04/11/11 03:25 AM
No, Mike, if I am going to decide on a "modern" gun, it'll be a double rifle, and a Chapuis. I'm really not one to spend a little when I could put that little to a greater good/amount/quality.

I must say, everything I've seen and read in the last week about Chapuis is all positive, very much so.

Speaking of AR, and NE for that matter: Do you have to be a member before you can see what they've got for sale?

I tried becoming a member a few times to both sites. In fact, I WAS a member of AR about7 years ago from my computer at the company I worked for. Somehow their server retained that info and cancels out my "new" info because of it. I know it sounds wacky, I wrote emails to them last summer, never got anywhere.

Anyway, you can tell it's late because I'm rambling. The real crux of the matter is I just love old guns so much, pulling the trigger on a modern one is tough, but I imagine once it's done the feeling is as good.

I really must bid goodnight, but first thank you all for your help and input, it is substantial. Best Regards - Marc

ps - I'll keep you posted, and if any revelation hits please let me know as well.
Posted By: AkMike1 Re: 9.3x74R - 04/11/11 03:50 AM
Re-register with a fresh name then add your old one in the sig/tag line. I don't know if the ads aren't visable to non menbers.

I have some very old rifles (approx 1870) and the Chapuis is one of my newest made ones. A Searcy 450NE is the other newbie. I like them all.
Posted By: Bob Jurewicz Re: 9.3x74R - 04/11/11 10:06 AM
Here is the one on Nitro
Bob Jurewicz
Posted By: Gnomon Re: 9.3x74R - 05/26/11 03:06 PM
I own a Chapuis 9.3x74R DR that I bought from Dale Nygaard with great satisfaction.

I have been working up rounds for it, as a matter of fact I just shot it this morning. Had it about a year and a half but have not used it much and have not hunted it yet.

Beautiful and very well-made.

Posted By: steve white Re: 9.3x74R - 07/06/11 03:45 AM
Chapuis are usually regulated well. Herschel Chaddick once told me that certain big name British makers wanted to work a deal with them to regulate their guns, they were so accurate...
Price point on the Sabatti is hard to beat, though.
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