Kodiak Express Rifle?

Posted by: Harrytwoshots

Kodiak Express Rifle? - 11/10/06 01:05 PM

Hello All,
I have been a member of this board for a couple of years, but, I have been lurking but not posting for a while now. I am really glad it is still going strong!

I have recently been considering getting a muzzloading rifle to hunt Deer and Hogs with. I am interested in the Doublebarreled "express" type front stuffer such as Pedersoli's "Kodiak Express". (Did CVA make one also??)

Does anyone here have any experience with these rifles? I think a big bore would suit me best for all around, 58cal or larger?? All of the so called "modern" muzzleloaders leave me cold. I used to shoot flint muskets in compitetion with the NMLRA, but it has been many years ago now. If there is any knowledge on these guns I would appreciate the coments and info!

Thanks much,
Posted by: montenegrin

Re: Kodiak Express Rifle? - 11/10/06 05:00 PM

If I'm not mistaken our member Chasseur d'ours has a Kodiak Express by Pedersoli. I'm sure he will be pleased to give you some advice.
Posted by: Steve's Militari

Re: Kodiak Express Rifle? - 12/18/06 08:44 PM

I had an early CVA, and the barrels shot ~6" apart @ 50 yds. Some of their doubles shot better, but they finally changed the design to 2 barrels with no rib that could be regulated easier. Another brand used 2 sets of sights. The Kodiak is supposed to be the best.
Posted by: Carl Regier

Re: Kodiak Express Rifle? - 12/18/06 11:40 PM

I would buy the .58 I think. The .72 is heavier, on a heavier "frame", while the .50 and .54 are made from the same barrel blanks as the .58, with thicker walls. So, the .58 weighs less than any of the others. About 9 - 9.5 lb if I recall correctly. And the difference is almost all in front of the triggers.