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Posted By: Woodreaux Stock Blank Grade and Values - 08/28/21 10:46 PM
sometime ago, there was a discussion about grading and assessing stock blanks. it derailed and fizzled, but there seemed to be some interest.

these stocks are coming up in auction, actually today. I'm not necessarily thinking of buying them, but I'm curious about how those of you who have more experience would assess them. if there is interest, I will try to post pictures of stocks that are for sale online for discussion, and would invite others to do the same.

what do you all think about the species, the grade, the type (I e. marbled, feathered, etc) the quality/defects, and the value?

[[Linked Image from]
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Posted By: susjwp Re: Stock Blank Grade and Values - 08/29/21 11:42 AM
On another note, stay safe with Ida on the way.
Posted By: Woodreaux Re: Stock Blank Grade and Values - 08/29/21 02:29 PM
Thanks. We drove to Kentucky yesterday. My parents and brother and his family all stayed in Baton Rouge.

It's a little surreal to be sitting in the sunny hills of Western Kentucky watching the news about home. I'm planning to either drive or fly home as soon as the storm is passed. There's going to be lots of cleanup and relief work to be done. Hoping I don't find a water oak through my roof when I get home.
Posted By: Woodreaux Re: Stock Blank Grade and Values - 08/29/21 03:12 PM
As follow up, those blanks went for $230, plus shipping and sellers premium.
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