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Posted By: susjwp Brass hinges - 03/27/21 12:02 PM
I picked up an oak and leather case that needs repair. Does anyone know where I can source brass (not brass plated steel) piano hinges and/or brass case hinges. I found a reasonable source for all sizes brass slotted wood screws, 0-8, so good to go on that. Brass hinges and corners are another matter.

Posted By: craigd Re: Brass hinges - 03/27/21 12:43 PM
I would consider looking on the Lee Valley website. Best of luck with the search and repair.
Posted By: SKB Re: Brass hinges - 03/27/21 01:14 PM
The UK is still under eternal lockdown so these guys may be hard to reach at the moment:
Posted By: Newton 1131 Re: Brass hinges - 03/27/21 04:03 PM
Don’t know if this will help. You might find some useful items for your project.
Posted By: damascus Re: Brass hinges - 03/27/21 07:44 PM
I just had a quick look on e bay UK and European Union, there are lots of solid Brass "But" hinges for sale new and new old stock." But" hinge is the Brit name for the standard type of hinge used for all manor of things from doors to box lids also very common on Oak and leather
gun cases.
Posted By: Newton 1131 Re: Brass hinges - 03/27/21 09:59 PM
Another good domestic source could be They have what looks like some good quality brass hinges. I have never seen or used them so can’t say for sure. Also not sure if sizes are what you need.
Posted By: craigd Re: Brass hinges - 03/28/21 02:27 AM
For a little follow up comment, in the US, the Brusso brand might be looked over to confirm to one's satisfaction, but has a long, consistent high quality reputation. They may(?) be where the folks at PDyson source their hinges. Along with butt hinges mentioned by Damascus, there are also things called stop hinges, that hold a case cover open at just a little past 90*. By coincidence, 1 1/4" and 2" hinges have an uncanny similarity to 32mm and 50mm European spec hinges.

I don't know if they would fit this project or not, but I also noticed that the US version of the bay has them for seemingly good prices, and the Lee Valley place I mentioned has all brass piano hinges for that option. I have used the Brusso brand for a fair number of similar projects, but admittedly not for a one for one replacement repair of a wood gun case. I'm sure there are many options, best of luck with it.
Posted By: susjwp Re: Brass hinges - 03/28/21 11:54 AM
Thanks all. The case in question looks to have been manufactured in the ‘50s and someone made an attempt to refurbish, poorly and incomplete. So I have to remove old attempt and restore outside then refit inside. A good project to occupy in this trying time and tracking and searching for sources is half the fun. If I was more computer literate I would post some photos of before, and then after.

Stay safe.
Posted By: Dennis Daigger Re: Brass hinges - 04/10/21 09:33 PM
Late to the party but here's my imput.

I've used English hinges obtained from two US sources in the past for projects and would not use them again after discovering Brusso. Brusso hinges are not cheap but neither are the English. The Brusso's are priced competitively with the English imports and are a noticeably higher quality product.
Posted By: susjwp Re: Brass hinges - 04/12/21 12:13 PM

The Brusso hinges fit the bill. Pricey but well manufactured with good support. I like the stop hinges.

Stay safe
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