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Posted By: bill schodlatz Shell supply - 08/20/21 01:01 AM
I traveled to central IL and IN last week and a farm supply house had a major supply of shotgun , pistol and rifle ammo for sale . Prices were a bit high but they had them! They are called Rural King sort of like Tractor Supply but a much broader invintory.

Posted By: Joe Wood Re: Shell supply - 08/20/21 02:56 AM
In the Texas Panhandle ammo is showing up in quantity. The local Academy has pallets of shotgun, Remington, Winchester, and Monarch. Also a large amount of 9mm on shelves. One flat per person and I don’t know the limit on 9mm but I imagine one or two boxes. It’s coming…..
Posted By: Goillini Re: Shell supply - 08/20/21 01:25 PM
I'm in central IL. Which Rural King was it? Might have to make a road trip.
Posted By: mc Re: Shell supply - 08/20/21 01:48 PM
Local cal ranch has got guns and ammo two box limit on ammo but not a huge selection
Posted By: bill schodlatz Re: Shell supply - 08/20/21 02:37 PM
East Central town of Paris
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