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Posted By: gil russell Rust bluing Question - 08/01/21 08:08 PM
Bluing barrels on a pre war Heym with ivory beads. I am afraid if I try to take them out before bluing/ boiling that I might break them, especially the center bead as it is so small. OK to leave them in? Thanks! Gil
Posted By: mc Re: Rust bluing Question - 08/01/21 10:35 PM
I wouldn't. Leave then in
Posted By: CJ Dawe Re: Rust bluing Question - 08/01/21 10:51 PM
Gil you can leave them in ,I've done many sets with the ivory in and never an issue ,you obviously have to be careful if you card with a wheel...getting them out is a crap shoot
Posted By: KY Jon Re: Rust bluing Question - 08/02/21 03:13 PM
Leave them in has been my default decision. I always figured if I tried to take them out one or both would break and one or both would fall into the space between the ribs. While very light, I would always think I could hear them rattling around in there. So far I have not regretted leaving them. Others might do as they like and have equal good outcomes.
Posted By: Der Ami Re: Rust bluing Question - 08/02/21 03:36 PM
Just card with acetone cleaned steel wool, about 00.
Posted By: gil russell Re: Rust bluing Question - 08/02/21 07:00 PM
Many thanks to all who responded. I was hoping that would be the consensus. Gil
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