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Posted By: SIXSKB Fox Safety Interchangeability - 07/31/21 12:05 PM
Someone save me from tearing my guns down. Is a Savage era (1935) safety with the forward higher ramp a direct interchangeability/fit with a 1923 fox safety with the slight rise in the middle. Had a stroke that's left my right hand numb and need more to push on.
Posted By: Hammergun Re: Fox Safety Interchangeability - 08/01/21 12:05 PM
I don't have a Savage Fox but my son owns one that is a transitional gun. It was made just after Savage took over production and the safety is the the Philly Fox version. That seems to indicate that they functioned and fit the same. I am unaware of any mechanical changes to Fox guns by Savage other than a few very late guns that utilized a draw bolt for the stock.
Posted By: ed good Re: Fox Safety Interchangeability - 08/01/21 12:41 PM
seek professional for referral...
Posted By: Parabola Re: Fox Safety Interchangeability - 08/01/21 12:42 PM
Temporary fix that also preserves originality would be to build up top of safety slide with epoxy putty to form a ramp for your thumb to push against.

It should break away fairly easily if you want to get rid of it.

Mind you don’t get any under the safety!

I have used it to build up, filing it to shape and right height, then painting Matt black, to raise the military barleycorn front sights of a couple of Martini carbines that shot very high at 100 yards.
Posted By: KY Jon Re: Fox Safety Interchangeability - 08/02/21 12:48 PM
Epoxy additions often will come cleanly off with a bit of heat. I like reversible solutions.
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