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Posted By: SIXSKB Fox Parts - 07/30/21 02:45 PM
Phone number I have for Pumpkin Mountain no longer in service. What is the status?
Posted By: KY Jon Re: Fox Parts - 07/30/21 04:36 PM
As of March of 2021 the business is closed and not answering inquiries. Last I heard things had not changed. Not clear if they intend to 'reopen' or will sell off at sometime in the future. They did note parts are still together and have posted no updates. I now wish I had purchased one of the 16 gauge kits with 32" barrels to work on for the next decade or so when I retire.
Posted By: L. Brown Re: Fox Parts - 07/31/21 10:17 AM
I have an A Grade that suffered a barrel failure before I bought it. The fix included fitting a set of 30" barrels from Pumpkin Mountain plus a nice job of restocking. It's a real joy to shoot targets with that gun.
Posted By: tanky Re: Fox Parts - 08/02/21 02:56 AM
I hope he don't give it up. He helped me out a few times. Just got some safety parts past December with no indication anything was wrong.
Posted By: SKB Re: Fox Parts - 08/02/21 09:49 AM
I have not spoke to Jason recently but I know he began a more lucrative career in real-estate and I bet he is staying busy with that.
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