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I have a Rigby side lock that was ejector issues. The ejector mechanism is located in the fore end is easily removed.

While I intend to have this fixed when money permits, I'd like to keep shooting the gun until I can get the ejector repaired. I don't think the removal will affect the gun, but would appreciate the input of people who know more about these things.
If I had a Rigby side lock I would get it fixed rather then taking it apart .and I don't know if it will cause problems to take it out
Removing the ejector mechanism temporarily will not hurt the gun. Can you remove springs only or something?

I just took the ejector mechanism out of my H&H. It was broken too. I enjoy shooting the gun and don't want to take it out of commission. The ejector on this gun is a complicated pre-Southgate, and I'm quite happy with it in a plastic baggie at this point. Ejectors make no difference to me for breaking clays. I'll get it repaired eventually, but not in a hurry.----Matt
only when it comes resale time and you cannot find the parts...

somewhere out there, is a 12 ga skb sxs ejector gun, without the leaf ejector springs...ay got um...
I would remove them, and might not have them repaired later. I'm not a big believer in ejectors. I would rather put the empties directly in my pocket, without having to pick them up first. I know you can catch them, but I'd rather just pick them out of the gun( Yes I do have an ejector gun).
The ejector is self contained and was housed entirely in the fore end. It has been removed and after a couple of months I've see no issues so far, but decided to ask just to be careful.

As to the gun itself, I may have the distinction, dubious or not, of owning the least valuable working Rigby side lock. It is a 16 g side lever, 2.5" chambers, with the Rigby Rising Bite, that was made in 1883 and re-sleeved in 1955. The bores are bright and shiny, but the exterior needs to be polished and re-blacked. There was a wood extension added, it's a good piece of wood and comes close to matching the original stock, but whoever added the extension never completely finished fitting it and there is a slight ridge between the extension and the original stock and the wood does not appear to have been re-finished since it left the factory. It is just slightly off face and that will the first thing I have corrected.

In the next 3-5 years, when I have the money, it will go out to be put back on face & the ejectors fixed, the barrels polished & re-blacked and then have the stock extension join to the original stock fixed and re-finished.
One of the guns I shoot regularly is a Hungarian FEG with the ejector mechanism housed in a removable box in the fore-end. It is removed with a push button. It works just fine either way...Geo
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