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Posted By: PALUNC Shooting today at Deep River - 06/05/21 06:09 PM
Met three of my buddies at DR today. I was shooting my Rizzini RB Deluxe 28 gauge, another friend was shooting a pre war Model 42 and another was shooting a very nice high grade Dickenson 410 with scroll engraving and five star wood. Beautiful gun. Oh and it had 30" tubes.
My last buddy was shooting his 20 gauge Fox XE Grade.
It was a great time and I enjoyed watching the targets get broken with those little 2 1/2" 410's!
Posted By: Karl Graebner Re: Shooting today at Deep River - 06/05/21 09:33 PM
It's always great to get out and shoot "sub gauges". When ever I take my 28 ga. out for a spin, I'm reminded that "It's the Indian and not the arrow" that get's it done. I'm happy to be shooting more after the past year with Covid, now if the ammo would become more available.
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