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Posted By: RichardBrewster #11 percussion caps - 03/11/21 10:10 PM
Every place I have checked is back ordered or out of stock. Does anyone know a source for #11 percussion caps? Thanks.
Posted By: skeettx Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/11/21 11:03 PM

I have some.

Come to Amarillo, Texas

They are almost impossible for the normal individual to ship


p.s. do you REALLY live in the Statue of Liberty?
I clicked on the Blue NY under your name smile

These ok for your use?

Shipping Restrictions
Local and/or state laws prohibit the shipment of this item to AK, HI, AS, PR, PW, FM, GU, VI, MP, MH, AP, AE, AA.

This item must ship ground.
Posted By: keith Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/12/21 02:17 PM
I remember there was a tool designed to make your own percussion caps out of aluminum beverage cans and the rolls of paper caps used in cap guns. I wonder if it is still produced???
Posted By: RichardBrewster Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/12/21 07:58 PM
Many thanks for this info, Mike. I live a few miles north of the Statue of Liberty.
Posted By: Stanton Hillis Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/12/21 11:27 PM
When I competed in round ball m/l matches I was very serious about every component of my load. I cast my round balls then weighed them for consistency, I used teflon coated pillow ticking, I sifted my black powder and I used one brand of caps ...........RWS. My belief was that the hotter the cap the better the ignition. We tested different brands of caps by how far they would lift a dime off the muzzle of a longrifle. 25-30 years ago RWS was the best. IDK about now. But, I've still got a stash of RWS caps.
Posted By: Lorne Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/13/21 02:45 PM
Rich, Powder Inc is expecting to get an order of #11 caps (RWS as it happens) in a couple of weeks. It did not arrive this week. For what it's worth, it is all but certain that Remington caps are sourced from RWS, and that Winchester caps are sourced from CCI; but that doesn't mean they are available. I got a sleeve of CCI caps from Graf & Son 3 or 4 years ago for $205, I expect the RWS caps will go for 2 to 3 times that.
Posted By: ed good Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/13/21 02:54 PM
an hits awl ready hard to git gun flints...watt next, no mo matches?
Posted By: Der Ami Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/13/21 06:50 PM
Matches are already hard to find and a penny box costs ten cents , even half full.
Posted By: pamtnman Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/14/21 07:27 PM
Well this is disconcerting, because my first percussion rifle is expected any week now. I had better come up with some way to fire it up, or it will end up hanging over the mantle and never moving.
Posted By: SKB Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/14/21 07:28 PM
An Oval bore?
Posted By: RichardBrewster Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/14/21 07:38 PM
Thanks, Lorne. Is there any difference with #11 caps noted as "Mags."?
Posted By: pamtnman Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/14/21 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by SKB
An Oval bore?
SKB you are a true renaissance man, with the knowledge to tease someone terribly in the most artful and delicate way about the obscure things that matter most to him. Unfortunately, no, not an oval bore, the machinery for which was apparently lost and which barrel makers tell me would be next to impossible to mill out today. This is a standard 1:72 turn Colerain barrel made for this one project, which is a .62-caliber rifle for me hunting your western big game. It is a pretty good copy of the Little Bat Garnier rifle by Folsom in a Nebraska museum, being made by Mark Wheland here in central PA. It is stocked in full curl sugar maple, the two first log slabs of which came off of one of our timber jobs about six years ago. I hardly see curly sugar maple any longer. It was a pretty big piece of wood, which also produced a long rifle stock for our local game warden's .54 flintlock. I gave the remaining 1/3 to Wheland, who I am sure will make a dandy flintlock from it for some very happy customer.
Better start hiding your mule deer once I get my hands on some percussion caps in three years
Posted By: SKB Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/14/21 08:00 PM
I can relate to the quest for a nice Muley with fine percussion rifle.

[Linked Image from]
Posted By: pamtnman Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/14/21 08:09 PM
yeah, i liked this picture from the moment I saw it. Don't tell anyone, but I keep this picture folded up in my wallet
Posted By: Lorne Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/14/21 08:33 PM
In shotgun, no. In rifle, there is a difference. In my Pedersoli Mortimer "Whitworth" .451 not (hexagonal) I find that I get slightly better groups with regular than magnum caps. But, using the same caps all the time is more important. Group size also changes with load and fineness of powder. Virtually anyone shooting rifle competitively uses Swiss or Eynsford, probably 2FFg or 3 FFg. Right now, most folks are shooting whatever powder they can find, exclusively.

Best of luck with it.
Posted By: RichardBrewster Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/14/21 09:43 PM
Thanks, Lorne. I appreciate the explanation. I'm only shooting shotgun, 13 gauge from the 1850s with original nipples.
Posted By: Lorne Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/15/21 01:42 PM
Should you wish to get replacement nipples, "Track of the Wolf" stocks quite a range of types and sizes, including oversize threads. They had some .225 X 32 (I think) that fit my Henry Egg 14 gauge, and worked even though they were revolver nipples.

Sounds like a very nice gun. Enjoy!
Posted By: pamtnman Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/16/21 03:14 AM
A small hole in the wall basement gun shop nearby I visited tonight had 200 CCI #11 percussion caps hanging up in a corner. Bought them right up and suddenly felt like my first percussion rifle had promise beyond looking nice. The owner said he’d try to find more from some old lady who supplies him, and he would like to trade them for 209s, which I do have. I haven’t felt this kind of optimism since 11/2/20
Posted By: RichardBrewster Re: #11 percussion caps - 03/16/21 05:02 PM
Thank you, Lorne. I have talked with Track of the Wolf about possible replacement nipples and just about everything else I need! They only set up to produce nipples periodically. Next time they plan to do that is likely 4 months or so away. After talking with them I don't think they have any nipples in stock that would fit so I have to wait. The original nipples are very clean and work fine with the #11 caps. I see now that GunBroker is a possible source for #11 caps and #11 'mag' caps. The regular #11s work fine so I don't see any reason to get the 'mags'. Your help is much appreciated.
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