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Posted By: dukxdog Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/10/21 02:11 AM
...a "Best" gun?

Is it the quality of Purdey, Westley Richards, H&H or Boss?

I've never held one but I found one in the configuration I like. It's priced similar to the above maker guns. At that price I wouldn't buy it. If it was half of list price I might give it a go. I see them priced in my price point but this one is quite high priced I think for what it is.

What can you share with me about Hussey Imperials?
Posted By: Imperdix Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/10/21 06:42 AM
Fine guns,not seen a bad one,lovely handling in 29" barreled ones !! Very Holland like.
Posted By: Eric 375 Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/10/21 01:20 PM
Judging my Imperial Ejector I'd say it is a "Best Gun". Ticks all the boxes and is just down right beautiful. Not in the Trinity but one would be hard pressed to find anything lacking. Best of all it fits me very well!
Posted By: ksauers1 Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/10/21 02:43 PM
Haha. A wise man just told me he’s not buying anymore guns. I think they are every bit as good, just not the name. But high quality nonetheless
Posted By: PALUNC Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/10/21 04:21 PM
I owned one several years ago, it was certainly a "Best" quality gun.
Posted By: KDGJ Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/11/21 01:55 AM
The Imperial was Hussey's best gun. The Imperial name was used to signify their best gun through the different business arrangements of H J Hussey (i.e., Lang & Hussey, Hussey and Hussey, Harrison and Hussey, Ogden Smiths & Hussey,etc.). Hussey didn't make a lot guns and has in some writings an interesting past with business dealings. They are very quality made guns without the name cache. I think some people will say the barrels are dovetail vice chopper lump. Which gets back to the age old question "what is a best gun?"

Posted By: RCC Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/11/21 01:40 PM
I bought and sold one a dozen or so years ago and I think I gave something around 6 grand for it. I sold it for something around 6 grand a year later. I was a fine gun and I especially liked the diamond shaped wrist. Having shot a number of best guns, I can't say that any of them handled any better, or were better eye candy. But because of the price difference and the difference in salability and desirability as established by the market place, I don't think they are considered a "best" gun.

I don't really remember, but I think I bought that gun at an estate sale.
Posted By: Rocketman Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/11/21 09:51 PM
"Best gun" is based solely on the Original Quality (OQ) grade of the gun, not at all on the Brand Value (maker's name) level or on the Current Condition (CC) level.

Interesting that you said you would be interested at about 1/2 the price of a equal "best work" by Boss/H&H/Purdey/Woodward (the BV1 brands) as that is exactly what a BV3 - OQ1 - CCx is valued at compared to a BV1 - OQ1 -CCx. All brands were capable of getting out a "best work" gun; whether they had sufficient in-workers or had to rely on out-workers. Which brand sold is for BV, but the standard to which it was made is OQ. "Bests" were roughly the same price when new. The after market has added BV and CC to the valuation.

Hussey is BV3 and OQ of the Imperial is OQ1. Give me a description of the gun's current condition (CC) and I will post back a value based on a truck load of auction research.

Posted By: ksauers1 Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/12/21 02:02 PM

I believe this is the gun in question

I think he meant he'd be interested in this gun at half the price
Posted By: SKB Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/12/21 02:08 PM
Lovely gun, restocked for sure. No pictures of the barrel flats either. Well more that I would pay for it.
Posted By: dukxdog Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/12/21 02:24 PM
I don't know what Brand Value would be placed on a Hussey compared to the mentioned best guns that's why I posted the question. I see what look to be nice Purdey guns for the same asking price as the HJH above.
From the HJH guns I see for sale, this gun is priced 200-300% higher than other HJH are listed for (except that they are 12ga). It seems as a guy would be better off buying a comparable priced Purdey than the HJH for the same money. That's why I mentioned the money I'd pay.

Another gun I saw 10 years ago at a dealer was listed for $19000. It hasn't sold and is now listed for $25000. Situations as this and the HJH just seem as the seller really doesn't care if it sells. They just make a good profit if it ever sells.

Where I live I never see high end shotguns in hand.
Posted By: KY Jon Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/12/21 02:30 PM
Beautiful gun. Same dealer has two of them which I doubt any other does but they are choked slightly differently. Looks to be a composed pair. Friend of mine remarked the other day that right now he can buy big three name guns, in excellent condition,for 20% or less of the new replacement cost. And all three of the big names would gladly build you exactly that gun at today's prices. Box locks are an even greater bargain.
Posted By: KDGJ Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/12/21 02:47 PM
Sportarm was trying to build new guns under the Hussey name a few years ago. Supposedly they had bought the name and had the records. I don't if they ever did build any new guns. I've noticed people selling Hussey guns in nice condition are asking in the mid-teens. Hussey didn't make a lot of guns and probably very few 16 gauge guns.

Posted By: Imperdix Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/12/21 05:29 PM
Knock £10k off and they may move it.
Posted By: Rocketman Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 03/13/21 05:16 AM
As in my first post, if a BV1 (Boss, H&H, Purdey, & Woodward) branded gun is valued $10,000, BV2 (17 Brit makers so valued) would be $7,500, and BV3 would be $5,000 for the same quality gun. If the gun is, in fact, the linked gun which is 16 gauge, then you need to add a premium of maybe 1.25x to 1.5x (note that I haven't done a 16 bore vs 12 bore recently).

I would suggest that if this gun were a 12 bore, valuation would be CC6 (Shootable but needs some repairs and refinishing or refinished with barrels or stock replaced). Top end can't be more than CC5 (Minor repairs needed or proper restoration accomplished). BV3-OQ1-CC6 = $4,500 and BV3-OQ1-CC5 = $6,000. The about $25,000 price tag suggests BV3-OQ1-CC1 (Pristine = top one or two gun(s) of one hundred like guns) = $20,000 plus a 16 bore premium of $5,000 (1.25 X).

Note that value is a hypothetical number whereas price is an amount accepted by both a willing and able buyer and a willing seller.
Posted By: Hussey Re: Is a Hussey Imperial... - 11/05/21 02:08 PM
Definitely restocked. Most I have seen were straight grip and I have seen a few (very few) prince of Whales grips bit I have never seen one with a pistol grip. I have owned one for maybe 10-years and doubt that I'll ever part with it. Seems like a couple of Hussey Imperials hit the market every year, priced from $7k-$15k depending on condition which seems like a fair price for what they are.
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