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Posted By: gil russell MEC QUESTION - 02/23/21 06:06 PM
I'm thinking about spiffing up several of my MEC loaders and, if I really get a wild hair, I might even paint some of them. Any ideas on what the name of the Red color is? Thanks, Gil
Posted By: Joe Wood Re: MEC QUESTION - 02/23/21 06:54 PM
MEC Red? What'cha doing, Gil, caressing your loaders while dreaming of primers and powder floating around in your imagination?
Posted By: skeettx Re: MEC QUESTION - 02/23/21 07:35 PM
Posted By: ClapperZapper Re: MEC QUESTION - 02/23/21 09:01 PM
Chevy red
Posted By: gil russell Re: MEC QUESTION - 02/24/21 07:15 PM
Excellent! I'll try them both. This is what happens to an otherwise normal guy during COVID....thanks for the input.Gil
Posted By: arrieta2 Re: MEC QUESTION - 02/24/21 10:41 PM
Think outside the box, don't follow the herd. Paint them a different color. Why be like everybody else

John Boyd
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