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Posted By: Karl Graebner Merry Christmas - 12/22/20 05:47 PM
As the holiday nears, I want to wish the members here a warm and safe holiday with better things to come for the New Year. 2020 has been rough on all of us. Remember the troops who won't be home, as I was one 50 years ago.

Posted By: Dave Weber Re: Merry Christmas - 12/22/20 09:27 PM
I second the nomination.....MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Posted By: ed good Re: Merry Christmas - 12/22/20 09:33 PM
me too...

and a Happy New Year to us awl!
Posted By: Der Ami Re: Merry Christmas - 12/22/20 10:24 PM
Merry Christmas everyone.
Posted By: L. Brown Re: Merry Christmas - 12/22/20 11:06 PM
Great thought. Merry Christmas to all!
Posted By: Dave Erickson Re: Merry Christmas - 12/22/20 11:27 PM
May Santa leave that perfect SxS bird gun under your tree. (or at least a case of primers).
Posted By: BrentD Re: Merry Christmas - 12/22/20 11:38 PM
Merry Christmas to everyone and may you and your dog all get out and find a few birds during the holidays as well.
Posted By: John Roberts Re: Merry Christmas - 12/23/20 12:26 AM
If you guys will indulge me a wee bit: Our narcissist daughter-in-law is denying us seeing our two fine little grandchildren going on five months now. Christmas is somewhat sad for us this year with this rift in the family. Really small though compared to many others' problems. Sincerely hope for the very best to all of you this Christmas.
Posted By: FallCreekFan Re: Merry Christmas - 12/23/20 01:09 AM
So sorry to hear that, John. Grace to you and your wife in this sadness.
May the Light of Christmas brighten these days for you (and for all of you).
Posted By: Der Ami Re: Merry Christmas - 12/23/20 04:09 PM
Hopefully she will realize that while denying you the grandchildren; she is also denying her children their grandparents.
Posted By: Lloyd3 Re: Merry Christmas - 12/23/20 04:16 PM
Merry Christmas Folks! Sitting in my kitchen cutting and wrapping (yet again) and feeling very fortunate. Lots of struggles going on out there, gather what family and friends you can and share all the cheer you can muster. Here's hoping and praying for better times and endless opportunities in the coming New Year to get out and hunt and fish and romp through the beauty that is still this country.
Posted By: SKB Re: Merry Christmas - 12/23/20 07:00 PM
Merry Christmas to all our board members.
Posted By: Ted Schefelbein Re: Merry Christmas - 12/23/20 09:23 PM
Merry Christmas to all!

Looking out the window at the worst white out I have ever experienced, and that is saying something, blizzard conditions in central Minnesota right now. Literally had to look, hard, for my exit off the freeway on my way home today. All family members accounted for, hunkered down, and awaiting the storm to pass.
The U of M cut us loose early today, but, the mailroom needed a little help and asked for volunteers to get the mail out.. Two printing services staff got the task done, with time to spare. The very few confirmed cases of COVID19 in the printing services building have all been very mild. A blessing for those families for sure.

Hope your blessings are greater still.

Posted By: Karl Graebner Re: Merry Christmas - 12/23/20 09:35 PM
The white out you're experiencing is headed my way. I'll be having a white Christmas for sure! Have a merry one!
Posted By: Ted Schefelbein Re: Merry Christmas - 12/23/20 10:35 PM
If it hits you like it is hitting us, you won’t be going anywhere for a while, Karl.

This was a picture from a few years past, at the conclusion of a -47 F dog run in the park. The deep cold isn�t that bad, provided it isn’t windy:

[Linked Image from]

Yes, that is ice on our faces.

Posted By: 28 gauge shooter Re: Merry Christmas - 12/23/20 10:38 PM
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. No snow, but light rain and winter advisory for tomorrow.

Posted By: canvasback Re: Merry Christmas - 12/23/20 10:48 PM
John, sorry to hear that news. Ted, looks like a good storm.

Here along the Canadian shore of Lake Ontario it’s going to be a green Christmas with no snow of significance forecast for the next two weeks.

Hard core Covid lockdown starts Boxing Day. My son will be joining me fir Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas to all !
Posted By: MikeV Re: Merry Christmas - 12/23/20 11:28 PM
Merry Christmas to all! We may have white Christmas in Central Ohio, but just barely.Raining now.
Hoping for a Happy and Healthy 2021 for us all!
Posted By: tw Re: Merry Christmas - 12/24/20 07:05 AM
Great sentiment, Karl. I too would wish all here the best for health, happiness, laughter & time afield or on the range blastinating targets, be they clay or plastic.

Had to do a quick double take, Ted; your coat gives your dog the appearance of having rabbit ears at first glance.

Hope all being affected by the blizzard get past it w/o too much difficulty. Here, its just major windy; N 26 G 43, RH 43% feels below freezing already and will freeze later. Earlier it was 65. Hey(!), its Texas. Weather can and does change w/o much warning.

I've watched the kind of behavior you describe, JR and can honestly say that the outcome was not good for the children. FallCreekFan says it best & Der Ami's hope, while being exactly whot needs to happen is not likely, if she is a true Narcissist. Prayers for all of you.
Posted By: Stanton Hillis Re: Merry Christmas - 12/24/20 11:47 AM
Merry CHRISTmas to ALL, on this wonderful CHRISTmas Eve. May we all be keenly aware that, as we give presents to our loved ones, we are doing so in remembrance of the greatest gift ever given by anyone, Jesus. Mary, indeed, wrapped a present to the world when she wrapped Him in swaddling clothes. What a gift!!

My friends John, Judy and family, you are in my prayers this season. Queen and I have been through similar CHRISTmases, due to a son being divorced by his wife, and the ensuing "jerking around" the kids go through because of it. We can sympathize with your hurt. Give them a call, and tell them how much you love them and miss them. It will not be lost on them, they'll remember. Listen to them tell you all about what Santa brought. Hearing each other's voices is much, much better than nothing.

To all my friends in "snow country" ..............STAY SAFE!!, and blessings to you.
Posted By: David Williamson Re: Merry Christmas - 12/24/20 12:03 PM
Merry Christmas to all, lets pray that this pandemic will be over soon and so small businesses can stay afloat.
Posted By: AZMike Re: Merry Christmas - 12/24/20 12:48 PM
A toast to all the Brothers In Sport, better times are going to come!

Happy New Year, may you enjoy a bit of a buzz and maybe get ****!

Mike in Arizona
Posted By: Drew Hause Re: Merry Christmas - 12/24/20 02:54 PM
Christmas day 2007 on Las Cienegas National Conservation Area

Snow on Mt. Wrightson/Santa Rita Mountains/Coronado National Forest

This is fun!

What is this?!?

Posted By: HomelessjOe Re: Merry Christmas - 12/24/20 03:56 PM
Hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas.

Nice pictures Ted.
Posted By: craigd Re: Merry Christmas - 12/25/20 03:39 AM
Merry Christmas to all. Sorry, also JR to read that you cant share Christmas with your grandkids. Mine are little also, but a couple of days ago, we were out shooting 22s. They ran through a ton of the stuff, and have no clue the ammo is scarce as hens teeth. They are staying for a few more days, and will open up a head scratcher present that has some tannerite in it, to be figured out later.

But, may the away troops be safe and have some contact with their loved ones.
Posted By: Matt Stolley Re: Merry Christmas - 12/25/20 07:04 AM
Merry Christmas everyone!
Posted By: SKB Re: Merry Christmas - 12/25/20 10:34 AM
Merry Christmas doublegunshop family:
Posted By: Stanton Hillis Re: Merry Christmas - 12/25/20 11:28 AM
We awoke to hog killing weather, a cold wind and sub-freezing temps this morning. No snow but........... at least it seems more "Christmassy" when it's cold.

Blessings to all here on this fine CHRISTmas Day
Posted By: rtw Re: Merry Christmas - 12/25/20 12:16 PM
Merry Christmas!!
Posted By: Run With The Fox Re: Merry Christmas - 12/25/20 01:42 PM
Merry Christmas indeed. But a shortage of .22 LR ammo? All you want to buy around here- both small gun shops, as well as Wal-Mart and Cabela's-. Strange times, indeed. Now defensive class ammo- med. to large bore handgun ammo, that's a different item.
Posted By: gjw Re: Merry Christmas - 12/25/20 06:18 PM
A Very Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

God bless all here.

Posted By: 28 gauge shooter Re: Merry Christmas - 12/25/20 08:15 PM
Awoke to a very white Christmas. 8 to 10 inches of the white stuff 10 mph winds and 16 degree temperatures. Lets just say a nice fire in the fire place, and a zoom call this afternoon with family.

Merry Christmas to all!

Posted By: Mark II Re: Merry Christmas - 12/25/20 08:40 PM
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all!
Posted By: Karl Graebner Re: Merry Christmas - 12/25/20 09:34 PM
We woke up to snow this wonderful morning, just as you predicted.
Our grouse season ends on January 1st, so I'm hoping to chase them again before the season ends.
Have a good one!
Posted By: Ted Schefelbein Re: Merry Christmas - 12/25/20 10:37 PM
We have until the third of January on grouse and pheasants. Same here I want to get out again, but, the weather drives my desire far more than it once did.

Posted By: KY Jon Re: Merry Christmas - 12/26/20 04:32 AM
Merry Christmas. Hope everyone had a good family gathering.

Our temps dropped and ice has driven out most of our ducks. Geese seem to be staying put for now but not moving an inch until the weather breaks. I am still hoping for a hunt with both sons in the next few days. If not I will give them a Sportng Clays trip for a Christmas hunt substitute.
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