Choke tube cleaning

Posted by: buzz

Choke tube cleaning - 04/07/20 05:25 PM

I bought a jug of Slip2000 choke tube cleaner and was amazed at how easy it made cleaning choke tubes. Just drop them in the solution, let them soak for a bit and wipe off with a rag, minor brushing of the inside of the tube, and they look like new. Not cheap though, about $18 for a 15 Oz bottle at Amazon.
Posted by: Stan

Re: Choke tube cleaning - 04/07/20 05:33 PM

That's the best stuff I ever used for it, too, buzz. I don't shoot tubes anymore in my main comp gun, but did for a number of years. I would put the dirty tubes in the pint jar of Slip2000, tighten the lid, and leave it in my pickup for about a week while I drove it daily on the farm. It sloshed them around as I drove the field roads. When I'd open the jar they would be almost spotless.

A good friend, Charlie Boswell of CompNChoke, was sent a jug of a cotton picker spindle cleaner that the sender said worked great for cleaning choke tubes. He tried it and confirmed that it did. Lot cheaper than Slip2000 but, we never did find out the brand name of the spindle cleaner.

Posted by: old colonel

Re: Choke tube cleaning - 04/07/20 05:34 PM

Looks interesting, my current practice is to pull the tubes after I am done cleaning the gun and putting them into the ultra sonic cleaner with the RMC Brass. Then after wiping them down lubing them lightly with eesox returning them to the gun. I also make practice of always loosing and re-tightening when I take the gun back out to shoot.
Posted by: Stan

Re: Choke tube cleaning - 04/07/20 08:47 PM

Originally Posted By: old colonel
I also make practice of always loosing and re-tightening when I take the gun back out to shoot.

Good idea. Also a good idea to check the tightness of them regularly when shooting. I can't tell you how many barrels I have seen sent in to CompNChoke that have had the end blown off, or irreparably damaged, because of loose choke tubes. Most don't understand what happens with a slightly loose choke tube, but here it is. As the tube loosens there grows a "gap" in the bore between the back end of the choke tube and the front end of the counterbore. This allows plastic to be shaved off the wads/shotcups on every shot. These "shavings" begin to pack underneath the rear edge of the choke tube, building up with every shot. Eventually, the buildup reaches the point that the next payload sees it as an obstruction, and the rear end of the choke tube curls inward causing even more of an obstruction. It doesn't take much imagination to see what happens next. A ruined barrel is usually the result.

Some thread patterns loosen more readily than others. IMO, the longer it takes to screw in, or out, your choke tube, the harder it is for the tube to back out on it's own and potentially cause an issue like this.

Posted by: BrentD

Re: Choke tube cleaning - 04/07/20 08:48 PM

Ever tried cleaning with acetone?
Posted by: Wonko the Sane

Re: Choke tube cleaning - 04/08/20 11:51 AM

Acetone works OK but usually still needs a couple strokes with the bore brush. Never tried anything that didn't except - - The ONLY stuff I've ever used that was perfect was old school GI bore cleaner. It eventually wore out but it was my fave while it lasted. May have to track down some again if I make it past the plague and ever get to shoot again.
Posted by: Joe Wood

Re: Choke tube cleaning - 04/08/20 12:28 PM

Part of a Frontier Pad wrapped around a bronze bore brush and chucked in an electric drill or whatever does wonders to quickly clean a choke tube. A bit if acetone will really speed it up.