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Posted By: fallschirmjaeger Small Framed Martini Work - US - 02/17/17 10:46 PM
I just gave Vic Samuels a call using the number on his website but it had a message that said he was not accepting calls. Does anyone have another Martini guy? I have a model 12 that I would like to have the firing pin bushed and converted to centerfire. I'll also need two octagon barrels fitted, chambered and an extractor made (the pre-existing one would need fitted for the one cartridge, but I'd need another one made for the other caliber). I'm HOPING to be able to make a "switch barrel" given the take down function of the action I have. I've read of some smiths welding closed the firing pin hole and drilling a new hole in the appropriate location for centerfire. I'm not sure if this would require re-heat treating the breech block or not. If anyone has any smith suggestions for someone who knows their way around a small framed Martini action, or have opinions on the firing pin relocation technique, I'd love to hear them. Thanks for the help...

Posted By: Craig Libhart Re: Small Framed Martini Work - US - 02/17/17 11:59 PM
Steve Durren in MI is a single shot specialist and an ACGG member. (517) 902-7961;; Great guy and super work. You may get some more responses if you re-post on the single barreled rifle section of the BBS.

Posted By: KY Jon Re: Small Framed Martini Work - US - 02/18/17 12:55 AM
He could be using a cell phone and it is off, which with some phones will not accept calls or messages if his message is not set up. If it is a smart phone you can send a message to the number listed and he should get it that way. It could be a land line which does not accept calls from any phone which has the number blocked to caller ID. Heck I have even gotten so desperate to reach people that I have sent them a snail mail or email at times. Good gun smiths are hard to reach sometimes and I understand more than a few hate calls because they can keep them from getting back into the shop.
Posted By: Stanton Hillis Re: Small Framed Martini Work - US - 02/18/17 01:50 AM
One of my gunsmiths only accepts calls after 12 noon. He wants to work uninterrupted all morning .......... if deer season is not open. whistle

Posted By: bill schodlatz Re: Small Framed Martini Work - US - 02/18/17 03:08 PM
Try David Christman, 318-878-1395, he is a very good gunsmith but don't talk about shotguns. When I met him several years ago he was building the dinner guns for some master gunsmiths meeting.

Posted By: Der Ami Re: Small Framed Martini Work - US - 02/18/17 03:38 PM
Pat Felix in Cusseta Ga. can do this work for you. From your screen name, I suspect you are familiar with Ft. Benning Ga. Cusseta is just outside Fort Benning, on US 280, on the south side.
Posted By: Tamid Re: Small Framed Martini Work - US - 02/18/17 04:37 PM
If you have a way to get your gun to Canada there is Martin Hagn who makes small frame style martini actions and falling blocks and his past partner, Martini, both still in business, and both in Cranbrook, BC.
Posted By: ChiefShotguns Re: Small Framed Martini Work - US - 02/18/17 08:20 PM
John Taylor in Puyallup, Washington has done some very fine Martini work for me in the past, putting together a very fine rimed version of a .221 Fireball Improved for me on a small frame Martini, but I have not talked to him in a few years. I am not even sure he is still doing work, nor do I know where you are located and if he might be nearby. Der Ami knew Pat Felix personally and can vouch for him, but, like John Taylor, he may also no longer be taking in work. I would try someone fairly near you, within driving distance, if possible. Personally speaking to your gunsmith goes a long way, IMO.
Posted By: LeFusil Re: Small Framed Martini Work - US - 02/18/17 09:36 PM
Ed Delorge
Posted By: fallschirmjaeger Re: Small Framed Martini Work - US - 02/19/17 01:16 AM
Thank you everyone! This certainly gives me some leads to start working with. I appreciate it very much...
Posted By: GGress Re: Small Framed Martini Work - US - 02/19/17 04:07 PM
Have you seen this thread?
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