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Posted By: Terry Lubzinski Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/13/10 05:42 AM
The recent threads on Greener guns has prompted me to post the results of a restoration project that has recently been completed. Being an avid waterfowler all my life and with a weakness for 10 bores, when this gun surfaced locally, I had no choice but to start the process of turning back the clock. A number of things intrigued me about this gun.It is a 10 bore BLNE with 2 7/8" chambers and 30" full & full damascus barrels built in 1878 during the 2-3 year period when Greener was supplying guns built on the Anson & Deeley action, before he switched to his own designs.It is also an early example of the Treble Wedgefast lockup with double under bites and
Greener crossbolt and has an early variation of the later standard Greener side-safety. The high quality of the gun was obvious and it was very good mechanically and had excellent barrels. When it was stripped down the back of the action was stamped by Joseph Brazier. Supplier to the trade of actions??
Built the whole gun?? Who knows... Another feature that I had never seen before was the top of the rib had a fine scroll pattern repeated the length of the rib from breech to muzzle.
Will attach a number of pics I just took earlier today.Hope they do the gun justice. I look forward to putting it back into action during the fast approaching hunting season.

Posted By: Ballistix999 Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/13/10 07:22 AM
Looks really nice! Do you think it might have been restocked? It's very nice though..thanks for the pictures. I wonder if it is a blue rock?

Posted By: CBL1 Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/13/10 07:34 AM
Very nice indeed Terry. I saw a similar Greener double 8 recently of a similar quality and it was a splendid gun.
Posted By: lagopus Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/13/10 02:46 PM
Good find Terry. I suspect that it may have been re-stocked too; not that that detracts anything fom it. Unusual engraving for a Greener too. Too good not to use. Is she nitro re-proofed or for black? Lagopus.....
Posted By: J.B.Patton Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/13/10 05:34 PM
Very nice Terry - I love these old 10s - so much more appealing than banging away with 3 1/2 " roman candles".

best regards,
Posted By: HomelessjOe Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/13/10 05:38 PM
Nice gun....I do free appraisals. wink

Judging from the 7th and 8th picture the stock looks original to me...What's she weigh ?
Posted By: Birdog Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/13/10 06:26 PM
Excellent job of "turning back the clock" Terry
Posted By: Terry Lubzinski Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/13/10 06:40 PM
Thank you for your comments gentlemen. I'm sure it is the original stock, unfortunately some previous restorer{I use the term loosely) had attacked the woodwork with 60 grit and we did what we could with what remained.She weighs 9 lbs. 6 oz. and like most guns that surface around here it only had its original black powder proofs.I may at some point get it nitroed but with clean bores and 35 thou minimum walls I have no qualms feeding it a suitable nitro for black load. Have been doing it for about 40 years and all digits are still intact....
Posted By: Rockdoc Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/13/10 07:19 PM
It's a damn shame about the overzealous sanding, but even with what happened, it certainly looks nice, beautiful wood, nice tasteful engraving, and I love the browned barrels.
Posted By: Mike Desjarlais Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/14/10 12:31 AM
That's a handsome gun. I'd be proud to take that one duck hunting.

I've never been a fan of the Greener safety, and never understood the logic, but for duck hunting, hunkered down in the blind, and with the gun across my knees, it would be just fine.
Posted By: Jagermeister Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/14/10 02:46 AM
upon seeing them damascus barrels all wildfowl hunters around you will run away leaving more marsh space for you. good concept.
Posted By: keith Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/14/10 03:58 AM
It looks very nice. Could you give us a few details of what was done to restore it?
Posted By: Terry Lubzinski Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/14/10 04:40 AM
Mike, I too am not a fan of the usual Greener side safety but this one actually works pretty good. The checkered knob protrudes more and gives some traction and the lever is much easier to move. W.W.
should have stay with this version.
Keith, We stripped,cleaned and polished the internals. Fitted a new hinge pin.Re-checkered the grip and forend in the original pattern and style. Replaced the broken buttplate with a Silvers pad, which added needed length and re-finished the woodwork.Honed the bores to remove light frosting and browned the barrels. Left the existing finish on the action,top lever and triggerguard.
The size and clarity of my pics do not really do the gun justice.
Posted By: HomelessjOe Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/14/10 10:30 AM
I'm sure they don't....I almost bought a similiar gun years ago from Dunns in Grand Junction Tn. 10 ga. fluid steel barrels someone had opened the chambers to 3 & 1/2" and not reproofed the was on consignment from Canada.

Kinda been sorry and glad I didn't ever since.
Posted By: Stallones Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/14/10 12:37 PM
I have a 10 bore Greener Hammer "Far Killing Duck Gun" and it is a joy for waterfowl. .-45-.045 and I use the 7625 loads
of Sherman Bell in the DGJ articles.
Posted By: Joe Wood Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/14/10 02:21 PM
The drop points appear identical to those on my 1870 Greener hammer gun. Nice gun, Terry--bet'cha it holds up it's end of the deal this winter.
Posted By: Terry Lubzinski Re: Greener 10 - Show & Tell - 08/14/10 09:37 PM
Hi Joe, I have an appointment this Fall and Winter with a few thousand Snow geese that winter locally.I'm sure the old girl will do her part if I do mine smile
Hope all goes well in your neighborhood.
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