Nation's Gun Show - Dulles

Posted by: OldMaineWoodsman

Nation's Gun Show - Dulles - 10/02/09 02:46 PM

Anyone going this weekend? I'll be wandering around picking up books and looking for a 28 gauge.
Posted by: Jent P Mitchell lll

Re: Nation's Gun Show - Dulles - 10/02/09 06:24 PM

JD Shank will be set up at THE NATIONS GUN SHOW in Washington DC out by Dulles Intl Airport this weekend. He will have a few side-by-sides with him, a PARKER DH damascus 12 ga on a number 2 frame with a broken butt stock BUT he has three butt stocks in the rough that will fit this frame/gun. He has a great like new FN 12 gauge SXS. He has a really nice PARKER damascus GH 12 ga built on a #1 frame with him. Good Shooting To You, Jent
Posted by: eightbore

Re: Nation's Gun Show - Dulles - 10/03/09 07:16 PM

GunPlumber, I wish I had known you were going to be up here. I would like to meet Eva's uncle. I packed up today and won't be manning my tables on Sunday. Bought a screaming Parker 16 Friday noon. Bill Murphy