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Posted By: Amigo Will H&S Precision - 11/27/08 06:39 PM
What can I say.
Posted By: Amigo Will Re: H&S Precision - 11/28/08 03:02 PM
When you just have to murder a women holding her baby Lon Horiuchi says shoot a H&S Percision rifle,its what I use.
Posted By: Cary Re: H&S Precision - 11/28/08 03:21 PM
Happy Thanksgiving Will! I've read about H-S's decision to use Horiuchi as a spokesman on other boards (it's all over the shooting forums). It sure seemed to me to be a mistake until I started thinking about it. He's (or was) an FBI sniper, well thought of within those circles. Since Gov't- Military contracts make up the bulk of H-S's business, it may make good sense to use one of their own to promote sales to them.

I have all the rifles I'll ever need or want so I'm not a potential customer or I'd be finding another source of quality glass stocks. Realisticly, I doubt H-S cares very much how I (or any other occaisional buyer) feel about using a spokesman with such a history as long as he's respected within their customer base.

Best to you old friend, Cary
Posted By: Ken Hurst Re: H&S Precision - 11/28/08 03:25 PM
I have just sent a letter of boycott to H&S. Am suggesting all do likewise even if you aren't a rifle shooter.
Posted By: Chuck H Re: H&S Precision - 11/28/08 05:51 PM
Didn't a judge in Idaho say that if Horiuchi stepped into the state, he'd be arrested?
Posted By: Amigo Will Re: H&S Precision - 11/28/08 06:13 PM
Note he is also suspected of fireing the first shots at Waco.He was tried for for killing Vicky Weaver but like most cop cases at the time it was thrown out.He was promoted to a level that hopefully he won't be in the field again.
To my thinking H&S is right there with Cooper and will be able to say they are on the goverments side of disarming America and the military will spend much more with them than the American gun owner.Some of the specialty shop must see some writeing on the wall and want to make sure their gun are the ones the goverment uses.. Its akin the the flying school in Florida useing terrorist saying its the best school around.
Posted By: Amigo Will Re: H&S Precision - 12/01/08 05:09 AM
BTT so more folks can see this and maybe help take some action.
Posted By: rrrgcy Re: H&S Precision - 12/01/08 07:00 AM
To echo Cary's comments about the community, Mr. Horiuchi has directly helped train an awful lot of FBI snipers, and that skill set has mattered to many in the law enforcement community, including via trickle down training to outside agency types. We're speaking of certification training and the like. I know him to be very well-respected among LEO sniper professionals, notwithstanding the repulsion many feel at him and what occurred. The contrariness of that pointed judgement (his/the FBI's management at RubyRidge which led to tragedy) to effective snipercraft may not always be so apparant to those so focused in training, but while many may be aware of his notoriety it falls to the wayside when getting down with the nuts-and-bolts of learning the skills. Plus many were likely just out of High School or college when the event happened and they may not have learned of it in depth.
The FBI period before the H&S Precision (and some FN) rifles came along was one rife with a mix of troubled rebarreled Rem 700's and lesser numbers of pre-64 Winchesters; these new rifles certainly provided greater versatility. This said, H&S Precision's winning the contract and the exposure so many (in the community) have with Mr. Horiuchi created a natural tie-in for a reference once Horiuchi got deeper into the program.

So with the aforementioned, my conclusion is I too believe that H&S Precision caters purely to that community and Mr. Horiuchi's reference will help sell rifles. I think maybe this is obvious, but certainly the choice by H&S Precision to use him was a conscious undertaking. It's a given it would be a lightening rod.
Posted By: Amigo Will Re: H&S Precision - 12/01/08 09:15 AM
He is a dirt bag women killer and fine example of the goverment jack booted thugs Bush talked about. Maybe he will knock at your door first.i know what it is to be a sniper and you don't shoot women unless you want to. A real sniper always knows his target and if this is true he killed her on purpose just because he thought he could.To many scared to death of the world folks on this forum now and afrair to speak the real truth.I'm out of here
Posted By: HomelessjOe Re: H&S Precision - 12/01/08 10:40 AM
Posted By: Cary Re: H&S Precision - 12/01/08 12:06 PM
Will- I couldn't agree with you more about the murder of Vicky Weaver. My point was that H-S was trying to insure good will among the customer base. That this man was not proscuted on state charges was a decision made by the Attorney General over the Prosecuter's objections. If you remember, when his motel room was searched, on his night stand was a drawing on a napkin of exactly where his cross hairs were when he fired. Vicky Weaver was his target. It was no mistake.

That he is held in such high reguard by the FBI and other police organizations shows the rift between law enforcement and the people. The entire Randy Weaver incident illustrates what is meant when the term "jack booted thugs" is used to describe Federal law enforcement. From start to finish no clean hands are to be found.

Incidently, on another board, a representitive of H-S describes him as a personal friend of the owner. Other than posting outrage on the internet there's not much we can do.

Posted By: 400 Nitro Express Re: H&S Precision - 12/01/08 04:29 PM
Incidently, on another board, a representitive of H-S describes him as a personal friend of the owner.

Good enough for me. If he wishes to promote his company by highlighting his high regard for a notorious murderer, he has the right to do so.

Other than posting outrage on the internet there's not much we can do.

Sure there is. Don't do business with the bastards.
Posted By: mc Re: H&S Precision - 12/01/08 09:53 PM
smith and wesson had the same idea.govt.contracts screw the general public.when they didnt get contracts the whole company had to put on knee pads. and also kiss every ones ass.(the gun of the month period)hope it works out as well for HS Mark Cooper.
Posted By: postoak Re: H&S Precision - 12/02/08 03:32 AM
It will be McMillians for me from now on, the few LEO snipers I have met have no use for the likes of Horuchi.
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