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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#612343 03/13/2022 10:29 AM
by Newton 1131
Newton 1131
Hello All,
I’ve recently received back a set of Westley Richards 12 bore damascus barrels that I had sent out for some work on the lug. The work preformed was done well enough however they were recklessly packaged for shipping and the muzzles ended up with some deep gouges, dents, and scratches by making contact with another part in the package. The damage is enough that to remove all of it the muzzles would need to be taken back enough that half of the front bead would go with it. Also, a good amount of wall thickness would be lost by erasing some deep scratches.
I’ve done some research on how to go about a proper repair and lesser alternative methods. One option was micro welding another delt with setting the front bead back, but that also got into rib and solder work as the bead is a part of the top rib. I decided for now to take the muzzels back to the bead and some stoning on the side scratches. This helped remove a lot of damage but it’s still very noticeable considering these barrels are in excellent original condition otherwise.
So my question here is, what estimated percentage of dollar value to the gun is lost with said damage? Just going to make up numbers here but if it was a 1000.00 dollar gun before damage, does it lose 20% value making it an 800.00 gun now? Or 25% or……..
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#612354 Mar 13th a 01:47 PM
by canvasback
Originally Posted by HomelessjOe
Originally Posted by Newton 1131
So my question here is, what estimated percentage of dollar value to the gun is lost with said damage? Just going to make up numbers here but if it was a 1000.00 dollar gun before damage, does it lose 20% value making it an 800.00 gun now? Or 25% or……..

The barrels make the gun....I'd say your likely at an 80% loss in value.

I rarely agree with jOe on anything. But IMHO he's on the money with this. The barrels ARE the gun.
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#612494 Mar 15th a 12:27 AM
by John Roberts
John Roberts
Have them cut enough (1/4"?) and have a new bead installed. Sh*t happens and you deal with it...
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#612506 Mar 15th a 03:22 AM
by Newton 1131
Newton 1131
The front bead also serves to cap off the void between the barrels and top rib. It is a wedge shaped piece of brass or silver alloy soldered in place for that purpose and the bead or sight is integral to it. My photo isn’t clear to that and I appoligize. The bottom rib is the same idea but instead it’s all steel one piece. So, by cutting the sight off means I would have to shorten the top rib to accommodate a new one.
This is why I stated earlier that I had already researched options and decided to remove as much damage as possible by shortening muzzles to the bead and stoning out most side scratches, then live with the rest.
I’m not looking for a how to fix it here, I would have posted in DIY section. Im looking to find a fair and reasonable assessment or damage.
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#612674 Mar 19th a 07:43 AM
by Newton 1131
Newton 1131
All advice on packaging/shipping is noted. Let me add this, the main packaging material used to send these parts out was a heavy card board tube. The kind that if you were to smack a horse on the head it would probably knock’em out permanently. All parts were wrapped separately using adequate packing materials, buffered between and extra on each end. They successfully arrived undamaged. Problem is they were returned in the same tube but loosely wrapped in baking wax paper, not the packing I supplied. Also there was minimal buffer material ( common newspaper) so they could freely move and tear free from wax paper.

Because this is going to come up later I’ll say it now. It is my opinion, the shipper, USPS, has NO blame here. In this case they delivered that tube undamaged and actually on time. Parts rattling around inside was not their fault, fault lies solely on the packager/sender.

To all the guys who say “things happen”. I know you mean well, I get your point, and Thank You for that but I respectfully disagree the logic. To me a “things happen”attitude bring images of annoying inconveniences in life like dropping your keys into a mud puddle, a broken shoelace,or even the one finger wave from a motorist. ( sometimes I’m not even driving!) To me “ things happen” is to surrender your sword to the enemy before ever brandishing it.

As a free American it is my right to speak up. My words will help issues similar to mine from happening to you. I’m sure those reading this thread will double check their outgoing packages so it doesn’t happen to them, or even better yet their client. To many have be intentionally but unknowingly tricked into thinking it’s okay to silence yourself. There are many here at home trying to take that right from you. Not only do they want your second amendment right they want you to shut up and obey.

You were interested in a conclusion. Without getting into detail, the final position by engraver and his organization is that “responsibility falls on the USPS office because they accepted the package, It’s a law you know”.
I say that to knowingly assert false blame to another party is bottom of the barrel in the Ethics department, also go ahead and file a fraudulent damage claim to USPS especially if they enjoy prison food. Or maybe they were they suggesting I file that claim?
As for the long and devoted Code of Ethics page on their website, “ that only applies to master members, all those other guys just pay us a fee to be on there”
I say, if it doesn’t apply to all engravers then it becomes nothing more than a marketing tool for selling business. Take it down.

The whole point of finding fair assessment value was for me to show and act in good faith over an incident that was unfortunate but not intentional, to offer a realistic fair and affordable option. I came up with a very low number in dollars that included over 8 hrs of my time to repair damage about 50%, and live with what couldn’t be fixed for no charge. It was declined, and as you already knew they would lay blame on others.
Truthfully here, if my offer was accepted I would have said “ don’t send any money, I’ve already fixed half the damage and we can square up on the next project”. Not a bad deal and I did say,”next project”. Of coarse there will be a next project and bigger, just not available to anyone in that clubhouse.

I’m not new to this abuse, and similar instances will repeat themselves over the coarse of ones life. I know if I chose to move forward on reimbursement I am covered through my own insurance. I can obtain the proper paperwork from the gun manufacturer who is still in business. My insurance will pay me out and file claim on his assuming he has any. Been there before. But if you have any advice you would like to share I’m all ears.
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