We have a very nice club in Houston that only shoots the side by side shotguns at sporting clays. It called the Texas Side by Side Club. Its a fun club and not stuffy as we really not concerned how good a shot you are. This is a fun get together shooters. ( We have members as far away as Dallas and Ft Worth. )

We have several shoots a year. We shoot at America Shooting Center, Westside Gun Club, Texas Premier Sporting , Dallas gun club. One of most favorite shoots each year is the one we host at Joshua Creek. It's a beautiful place in Boerne Texas. This year we plan to add another shoot at Greater Houston Sports Club. One of the nicest places in Texas to shoot.

We also do one championship shoot where we have prizes and a dinner. All included in the yearly dues. The dues are only $75/year

If you like fun shooting with side by side shotguns, you should consider Texas Side by Side Club.

You can call me direct for signing up or more details

John Boyd