So…I’ve used Abe Chaber in the past with good results, but
I decided to try Mitch Schultz of Gunsmithing Limited (CT). He just did some work for me on 3 guns:

AOC Uggie 16 - lengthen LOP from 14” -> 15.25”, fix a slipping (on) safety after 1st shot, and also do a full clean and checkout.

Fox 16 - second trigger was “mushy”, and also do a full clean and checkout

1800s Clemens 12 hammergun - wall thickness measurements for suitability to shoot low pressure.

He did a great job!  Turned all 3 over at the same time in under 3 weeks!  Pricing was very reasonable.  Probably was about $80/hr.  Very knowledgeable and friendly too.  Looks like I found myself a new gunsmith for my SxSs and vintage guns, about an hour from me.